Saturday, May 26, 2012

National Lampoon’s Redneck Vacation

I’d decided that I wanted to check out some of the National Forest Service Campgrounds in West Virginia and Memorial Day looked like the perfect time to do it.  I’d found a few campgrounds that looked good but I was unsure of the road in – most are down unpaved Forest Service Roads.  I didn’t want to make a reservation and then get all the way out here and not be able to get down the road or worse damage my baby trying to drive over boulders and such.  

The solution was for mom and dad to come with me, we could camp someplace and go exploring in the Jeep.  Great Plan!

One glitch.  Mom and Dad’s RV is in the shop.  Somehow water got under the fiberglass and a whole side of the RV needs to be replaced. 

No problem, there are lots of cabins for rent in the area where I was looking.  Mom and Dad would rent a cabin and we’d find a legal place for me to park.  By this time I couldn’t get a reservation at my preferred campground – they did have “1st come 1st served” sites but that felt risky to me since I wouldn’t be able to get there until after 6:30 on Friday night. 

Mom found Yokum’s Vacationland located right at the base of Seneca Rocks! They had cabins AND a campground!  The campground didn’t take reservations, but they said they’d never turned anyone away. 

Mom and Dad arrived early and checked into their cabin and then secured me a site with electric! YAY!

Dad left a message for me on my phone and told me where the campground was and where the site was.  The sites aren’t numbered or anything – they just left a chair indicating the site was taken.  Dad told me that my site was next to a trailer and there was a guy with a goatee.  Hmmm..not very helpful directions. 

I left school just before 3 and headed out!  Even with holiday traffic 66 wasn’t a bad drive!  There was traffic till Haymarket, then it was open!  I drove the same way I’d come when I went to Canaan Valley and when we met Russell and Amy here 3 years ago. 

There’s a nice scenic overlook just outside of Moorefield and I pulled off there for dinner.  There’s a huge parking area and I pulled away from the other 5 cars that were there. I fired up the generator and heated my leftovers!  The spot had excellent cell coverage so I was able to check email and Facebook one last time before heading into the wilderness. 

I arrived at Seneca Rocks about 6:30 and went to the campground.  It was def rustic! Basically a big field with a few electrical posts scattered here and there.   Most of the folks in there had trailers so I was thinking I’d have a hard time finding my spot.  I quickly saw a site with a chair on it though and headed that way.  I backed right in and was attempting to get the RV level when Mom and Dad pulled up.  They’d been watching from the porch of the cabin and saw me drive by. 

As we were leveling we saw the guy in the trailer, the guy with the goatee.  His goatee went practically to his navel.  I’m not even kidding.  I’ll try to get a covert picture of it.  It was so long and frizzy he had pony tail holders on it! It was a serious goatee!

It took quite a few attempts to get Roxy level.  We finally put the back driver side tires in the hole and then raised the front driver side tire up on blocks and the bubble is almost in the circle on the level. 

After Roxy was level and plugged in we headed out to check out the General Store and go to Mom and Dad’s cabin.  From the store you can get a great view of Seneca Rocks and at sunset you even get Alpenglow, just like at Yosemite!

Mom and Dad’s cabin is a sight to see.  I had low expectorations and it was even worse than I expected.  Honestly I’m surprised there aren’t raccoons living in the oven.  It was musty and everything in it was used beyond it’s life expectancy. The furnishings looked like they’d been drug in from the curb where someone had put them out for the trash! It was musty and not at all welcoming or comfortable.  I’m soooooo freaking glad I have Roxy.  Note to self: If Roxy is broken, DO NOT agree to sleep anywhere else, and if you do bring the aero bed!

Back at the campground my neighbors are having a HUGE bonfire.  Just a few feet from both my propane tank and theirs.  Lots of folks looked like they were out partying.  I went right in my RV and pulled the shades and fired up the AC.  It’s like my own little bubble! I can’t hear anything other than the fan on the AC!  This is not so much the “camping” experience that my other weekends have been!

Tomorrow we are going out exploring!  Mom and Dad have promised to be here early, just so they can escape the cabin!

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