Thursday, June 7, 2012

Amory Acres

Having an RV makes visiting family and being there for important milestones so easy!  My cousin Olivia was graduating from high school and I wanted to be there to see it so I packed up the RV and headed north to PA!  She and my aunt live in New Freedom PA which is right on the border with Maryland, just north of Baltimore.  This meant that I’d get 2 more states on my “Places I’ve been in my RV map” too!  I looked at the map and saw that there were a few state parks that looked interesting in Central PA so I decided to make a weekend of it!

In order to get to PA in time I left school a few hours early to drive up.  I didn’t make the best routing decisions but, I arrived in time for dinner before the big event!

I’d been planning to park in my aunt’s driveway, however I was worried that it wasn’t level so I stopped to check out the WalMart and see if I could stay there if need be.  It was a nice WalMart with a huge parking parking lot!  I was ready to do my 1st solo WalMart experience!  However, when I arrived at Claudia’s house I discovered that her driveway was level enough and just stayed there!  It was great to be staying with my aunt and my cousin, but still having my own space and not getting in their way! I’m now dubbing their house “Amory Acres” so it sounds like a campground.

After a quick pizza dinner and change of clothes Claudia and I were off to the school.  As we were arriving the storm clouds were gathering and we saw one flash of lightning and the rain was beginning…this meant that the ceremony was moved into the gym!  boo.  The storm passed very quickly and if we’d waited 20 mins we could have had it outside! 

The ceremony itself was rather boring but we cheered and videoed and snapped pictures (that all turned out crappy because of the horrible gym lighting) when it was Olivia’s turn to get her diploma!  Sadly, I did not get a picture of her with the True Value Hardware Sign that hanging right above the graduates heads!  (I’m guessing True Value sponsor's one of the schools sports teams.) 

After the ceremony we headed back to Claudia and Olivia’s for cake, champagne and presents.  My uncle Roger, Olivia’s dad, was there too and that was a treat since I don’t get to see him much!  We had a great time laughing and hanging out!

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