Monday, December 23, 2013

Biscayne National Park

When we planned this trip back in April we planned an “OS” day in (“OS” stands for “oh shit” – it’s a back up day for when things don’t quite go as planned.  In this case we were concerned that there could be a snowstorm or something that made it hard for me to get down here in time) and that day was today.  We used the morning to run some errands and fix my leaky kitchen sink (a blender seal works great to seal the drain!). 

This afternoon we went to check out Biscayne National Park.  99% of the park is underwater.  You have to scuba dive or snorkel to see it…and you have to out on a boat to get to the snorkeling area.  There was no snorkeling today – I didn’t hear why.   I know that the water slide near our campground is closed now because it’s winter.  Never mind that it was 85* today, it’s still winter so the slide is closed.  I wonder if that’s why they didn’t have snorkeling in Biscayne – it’s winter.  There wasn’t much to do at Biscayne – the Visitor Center, watch the movie and walk the short nature trail.  I did take a picture of the water – all the good stuff is out there…





A little blue heron – that’s the type of bird, it’s not a baby!


After Biscayne we went to check out Robert Is Here Fruit Stand.  Amy told me about it at dinner the other night.  Apparently this kid named, Robert, was trying to sell fruit on the corner and no one knew he was there so he made a sign “Robert is Here” and the name stuck!   It’s quite an establishment!  They sell all kinds of fruit – normal, exotic, you name it!  They also have veggies, jams, jelllies, a million types of honey (and they had tastes of all of them – you had to dodge bees to get the honey out.   I tasted a few, they were all very different from each other and I didn’t really like any of them!  Definitely an experience and I may have to stop again on my way to and/or from Flamingo next weekend!

This picture is hard to see because the sun was all wrong, but it’s extra funny because it has my dad it in and my dad’s name is Robert!


Back at the campground we were waiting for our “Everything but the Kitchen Sink” Curry to cook in the crock pot so we went for a bike ride around the lake – there’s a city park right next to our campground with a small network of bike trails. Dad had brought Mom’s bike and she actually rode with us!  I’d ridden around the lake this morning (I took the bike off the van to take the trash to the dumpster and then discovered that the trash cans were only a few feet away!  I decided I needed to explore!)

Tomorrow we drive the Overseas Highway to Key West!

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