Friday, April 3, 2015

Wal-Mart and Home

It was a busy night at the Wytheville Wal-Mart! Remember I didn't want to stay at the Marion Wal-Mart because of the partying teenagers? Well, the Wytheville Wal-Mart has an even larger group of young people who loiter and make noise. There were about 6 trucks, none of which had a muffler, most of which were growlers, 20 or so kids, talking, revving engines, playing what I'm sure is a fun "honk the horn" game, all just a few feet from my bed. It was around 10 when I decided I didn't have to put up with this, I could go somewhere else. So I did. I was considering the Cracker Barrel, but they were closed at that point and I did to know if it was legal. I saw another RV on the other side of the parking lot so I drove over there. As soon as I got near the other RV, they drove off and ended up parking right where I'd just left? I hope they had better luck over there!

Settled into my new spot, I decided to read another chapter to get ready to go back to sleep. A few pages into my chapter, the LP/CO detector went off. Lovely. It hadn't gone off yet this trip and it was running out of time. I wasn't running anything - other than the fridge (which is having it's own issues), and the LP/CO detector has false alarmed randomly so many times, so I was 99% sure this was nothing. I opened the door and let fresh air in, just in case, the alarm took it's sweet time shutting off. I also shut the fridge off. Out of an abundance of caution I did open the vent & turn on the fan and I opened the windows right by my head to keep the fresh air circulating. The next challenge was trying to get to sleep after, worrying about whether it was going to go off again. Had I gone to the Cracker Barrel I probably would have been sound asleep by this time and alarm would have woken me up, which is worse than it going off randomly when I'm just sitting there.

I was just about asleep when a semi came in. Pulled in right behind me. And idled his engine. For a long time. Opening the window also increased the traffic noise. Finally I did fall asleep, I didn't sleep well, but it ended up not being the worst Wal-Mart night, that distinction belongs to the Allentown, PA Wal-Mart on the hottest night ever in July 2012.

I was slow to get moving today, I read my book, got a shower, and moseyed back to the highway! The trip home was uneventful, just set the cruise and drove! I love I-81! It was supposed to rain all day but it didn't start until I was on 66!

I made it home at 3:00, with no further issues from the van! Still have no idea what caused that, but it seems to have been a one time event!

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