Saturday, April 15, 2017

Off to West Virginia

Spring Break finally arrived and I was more than ready to get out and go somewhere! I was very happy when both the RV and the generator started! My last camping trip the generator didn't work and the last time I'd planned a trip the RV wouldn't start, but those are stories for another time! This trip looked to be going well so far!

I'd been wanting to explore the Greenbriar River Rail Trail for several years now, however the campground I'd found that is right by the trail didn't open until April 1, so I needed to wait until Spring Break was later and this was my year! I developed a loose plan, starting with dog sitting for my friend Kathy on Sunday night into Monday morning! 

I headed out Sunday morning, stopping at Cava - a Mediterranean "Chipotle" type resteraunt in Gainesville - for lunch and then to my friend Kathy's.  I'd spent a week with Kathy's dog Selena a few years ago so it was a treat to get to spend time with her again! Selena was very surprised by my arrival in the RV and spent several minutes barking at it and me until she was willing to check us out and realized that we were ok!

I'd thought about taking Selena hiking somewhere, but decided that we'd just stay at Kathy & Jeff's - walk the trail they have on their land, walk the mountain road and binge watch Big Little Lies on HBO OnDemand. I don't get HBO and I'd been wanting to watch the mini series based on the book! I got about halfway through and lost interest.  The book is way better! 

This is the first time I've packed the RV to live in it and then attempted to stay at someone's house! Usually when I visit someone I continue to live in the RV and I'm not preparing meals and stuff.  This was kind of a pain! Everything I neeed was in the van and had to be brought in and I hadn't brought a bag or tub so I was carrying things in one at a time.  But it made sense to use Kathy & Jeff's microwave vs running the generator and showing in the house vs the van! 

It was very hard to try and sleep in the house, when I knew that my very own bed was sitting in the driveway. I wasn't sure how Selena would take this, she is used to having free reign to get up and go out whenever she wants and in the van she'd have to be closed up, but my sleep is important to me so I tried it! She was very confused at first but did settle right down and slept curled up next to me! Of course more my bed is full of dog hair, but we did it! 

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