Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Umbagog Lake

Last morning in Bar Harbor! After 2 weeks it was feeling like home, but I do need to move on and get back to my actual home.  Mom and Dad had plans to meet up with some friends, starting with lunch in Freeport so they were up and rolling before 8! I took a more leisurely approach to leaving! 

After I packed up, filled up with water and dumped, it was 9:00.  I decided to take one last drive down the scenic drive by the ocean since the sun was out and I didn't get any pictures down there this year.  At one of the first overlooks after Frenchman's Bay I noticed I could make out the water tower on Schoodic Point! So cool to now have seen both places! I stopped for one picture and kept driving.  When I came out on route three I decided to take 3 around by Northeast Harbor and back up and avoid going through Bar Harbor and see something a bit different.  It was a nice drive! It was about 10:30 before I truly on my way! 

I was headed to Umbagog Lake State Park near Errol, NH. It was about 200 miles, but I took a scenic route that was a bit longer. I stopped for lunch at a rest stop right on the Kennebec River near Skowhegan. I then wound my way North and west through Rangely, ME.  I recognized Rangely as an AT Trail town, and while the AT does cross the road about 10 miles away, Rangely is a lot more than a trail town! Rangely Lake is huge and the town has a tourist/resort feel! It's not as populated as Bar Harbor (it's way out in the middle of nowhere!) but it's really nice. Next time I think I'll figure out how to stay there! 

I continued on to Umbagog Lake.  The campground here is small and rough, but it's right on the lake! The 1st site I got was too big for me! Crazy right? It was a nice, level, private site, but the plug was so far away I couldn't make my cord reach and have the van in a good location.  I got a new site that isn't as nice, but if I pulled in nose 1st I could get my cord to reach the plug! 

I immediately unloaded the SUP and got it inflated! The whole process was so much easier since the water was right here! I just inflated it, picked it up and walked to the water.  

This was a harder paddle than Long Pond and Echo Lake! It was very windy and there were lots of power boats creating more waves! I did paddle a big circle and didn't fall off! I spent a lot of time paddle on my knees so I could stay balanced.  The waves were crashing over the SUP from all sides! The water in the lake was very warm so that was good!  

I did paddle into a cove that was protected from the wind and that was nice! The water was smooth and easy to paddle!  I was out paddling for about an hour and when I came back it was dinner time.  The campground has a few communal picnic tables with lake views so I took my dinner out there. After dinner I put the SUP away, did the dishes and walked around the campground.  Then I settled in to porch swing by the beach to blog, watch the sunset and listen to the loons!  

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