Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Biking, Kayaking, Swimming

Wash, rinse and repeat! That’s the story of life here at Rollins Pond! It’s kinda like summer boot camp with whatever activity you want to do all day every day!

This morning I did some RV chores and ran the generator so I’d have power tonight since I wasn’t driving anywhere and then I went to get my site for tonight.  I’m glad I’ve been able to score a lake front site every night, but it’s a pain going back and forth everyday!

Dad and I were going on a guided kayak trip that went from Rollins Pond boat rental to Fish Creek Pond.  The trip ended at the Fish Creek boat launch and we were going to have to get the kayaks back so we took the Jeep to Fish Creek and then rode our bikes back to the Rollins Pond boat launch.  

The kayak trip wasn’t what I was expecting, it was better!

We paddled the length of Rollins Pond – which seemed a bit backwards to my dad and I, but we followed along.  Soon we turned onto an outlet and we paddled down into another lake!  The outlet was a bit narrow in places –it was a lot like a trail, but with water! The water was also rather low so we did a little dragging of the kayaks, luckily it was high enough for the boats to float so it was easy to drag!  

The next lake was Flatwood Lake and it was big like Rollins Pond!  We paddled through that lake to another outlet! This outlet was deeper and longer and there was a bit of a current to keep us moving without a lot of paddling!  Eventually the outlet ended and we were in another lake!  This time we were in Square Lake.  It was not square, but that’s ok! 

My dad and I were quite glad that we had a guide for this adventure since we never would have figured out the route on our own!

We paddled across Square Lake and then came to another outlet – this was Fish Creek! The guide told us how to get from Square Pond back to Whey Pond which is a short portage from the boat launch – next time!

The float down Fish Creek was nice – it was wider than the other outlet and there were more people since it’s close to Fish Creek campground!

Soon we were at the Fish Creek boat launch and we pulled the boats out and loaded them on the car.  We took the boats back to my site so we could launch them on the beach and kayak some more before we had to turn them in! 

After we drug the kayaks to the beach Dad went to take the car back to his site and I went for a swim!  I love having the lake right here to go swimming in!  I can swim out as far as I want and then back and I can swim anytime I want! I wish I had a swimming lake near my house! A real swimming lake, with no rules or set swimming area. 

While Dad was taking the car back a tree fell over the road right in front of their site! They got it cleaned up real quick though!

Eventually Dad came back and we kayaked part of the lake that we didn’t get to Sun because we were chased in by the thunder!  We discovered the A loop of the campground!  Very nice sites in there!

We turned in the kayaks and rode our bikes back to Mom and Dad’s site and it was time for dinner and campfire!

Tomorrow we depart.  :-( I’d like to stay another week but…  I’m planning to come back here next year I think… 

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