Saturday, August 4, 2012

Transition Day

Since this trip up here was such a throw together thing we kinda pieced the reservations together.  I found a spot that was open the whole time and just took it.  Mom and Dad couldn’t get into my campground and they found space at the KOA and then a site at Rollins Pond Campground.  Rollins Pond is way out past Saranac Lake! It’s about 20 miles of windy road from my campground!  We were realizing that this is going to present a challenge and trying to figure out what to do, but I figured I’d just drive back and forth. 

I started the day with a leisurely breakfast, a luxury I usually don’t get on vacation because we are trying to do stuff! Then I did my RV chores, dumping & putting on water.  Then by about 11 I headed over to Hannaford where I was going to meet Mom and Dad when they got there. 

The Adirondacks are having a heat wave.  Of course they are.  It was 100* a one point today.  Still cooler than DC, but not exactly comfortable. Spending the day parked in the Hannaford parking lot was not a way to beat the heat! 

We took care of our shopping and decided to head out to the campground.  This got a bit confusing because we decided to leave Roxy parked in my campsite here and then they’d drive me back after dinner.  Dad had to pull off on the side of the road near the campground so I could hop in since he had the car attached to the motorhome and was afraid he’d get stuck if he pulled into the campground. 

After what seemed like a very long drive, we arrived at the campground.  We had to drive through one huge campground to get to Mom and Dad’s campground.  Almost all the sites were right on the lake!  With water access!  It was fabulous!  Their site is way back up in the campground so it took a long time to get back up in there!  Their site isn’t on the water and I quickly discovered that the only way to access the water was through a site!  Boo. 

Dad and I rode bikes to the end of the road and then down the road a bit – it’s a great park for riding your bike!  We found a lakeside site that was unoccupied and decided to squat and use the water access.  The lake was great!  I would LOVE to have a site right on the water where I could swim every morning and every evening!  The sun was even setting over the mountains and it was setting up to be a nice sunset! 

We decided that it would make sense for me to move out there, rather than stay here.  I’m hoping I can score a lake front site but we’ll see.  If we can’t make it work legally, as in I get my own site and hopefully get reimbursed by The New York State Department of Conservation or I’ll just park on Mom and Dad’s site – it’s plenty big enough for both of us and I can hide behind them!

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  1. It must be nice to travel so much and see so many places in “God’s Country.” My parents would come visit too, since they are RV people. My family was an RV family this summer too when I rented an RV for our vacation, and it was the best yet! We gave our rental a name too; Berta. Why do people usually give vehicles a female name? Well, when we travel, the kids fight a lot, but it doesn’t sound like you worry about that problem. This year, my Dish coworker suggested I take the tablet PC’s; the whole family watched TV, sometimes through the media system too. We streamed live and recorded TV from our Sling Adapter at home, and then just pulled up the programming on the Dish Remote Access App. It saved us from yelling at the kids for fighting, and entertained us when we were driving.