Monday, July 22, 2013

Chore Day & Kayaking

Dad had a conference call he had to participate in at noon today so we ended up doing chores most of the day.

I spent some time this morning writing blog posts from our time at Black Canyon of the Gunnison and last nights adventures in Telluride.  The mid-morning we headed into Montrose which is the closest town with services.  We had lunch at a great little local deli/bakery!  Our Daily Bread, I think it was called!  Had a yummy mozzarella melt and cucumber tomato salad!  After lunch we dropped Dad off a park with a shady spot to sit for his call and mom and I headed out to Wal-Mart and the grocery store.  Right before we we picked up Dad we tried to put fuel in the car and it ended up being way to complicated and frustrating but we were finally able to accomplish the goal. 

After we got back with the groceries Mom needed to do laundry so Dad and I took the kayaks out on the lake (reservoir).  This time I rigged the seat up differently – totally different from how it was intended – and was able to sit higher in the boat and that made paddling easier!  YAY!  We paddled from the marina to the dam – about 2 miles (4 round trip).  When we got out to the dam I decided I wanted to know if I could get back in my kayak out in the open water, I was pretty sure I could, but I wanted to be sure.  I’d kinda wanted to go for a swim anyway – it was hot!  The lake was much colder than I’d expected!  But it felt good!  I only stayed in for a minute or two because the wind was blowing and I had to hold onto the boat.  I was able to get right back in again with no problem!  I bet you can’t do that with a regular kayak! We got back to the marina about 6:30 and it was almost 7 before Mom picked us up! 

We had a quick dinner where we all ate something different and then Mom and I made  huge batch of gazpacho that we can eat the next few nights.  

After dinner I got back to my RV and found a mess – I’d been in and out all day and dropped stuff and changed stuff, etc…I had groceries that didn’t get put away, stuff I’d taken with my to Montrose that needed to be put away, the kayak is not out drying on the picnic table and will need to be put away,  this morning I charged everything I own and the chargers and such were all over the bed!  How can we have a “chore” day and have it generate so many more chores!!!  LOL!

Tomorrow we are heading into Ouray and then going to drive a jeep road to Yankee Boy Basin!

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