Saturday, July 6, 2013


After our adventures up into the mountains on Thursday we took 2 “town” days to get stuff done! 

Mom and Dad had to get their mail (since they aren’t in one place very long they have a mail forwarding system where they call in each week and tell them where they want it sent and it comes there.  It’s pretty cool and works most of the time with minimal drama), we needed groceries, I needed to hang out at Starbucks and use their wifi to post blogs (Mom and Dad have a jetpack and can be a wifi hotspot but they have data limits & I didn’t want to push them over!)

We also had RV maintenance to do – Dad and I changed the oil in my generator and he fixed several loose screws in their RV.  One of the loose screws involved removing the entire window treatment and searching for possible water damage! All these chores involved trip to Wal-Mart, Lowe’s and Advanced Auto Parts as well as crawling around under the RVs when it was blazing hot outside. 

Yesterday, Friday, evening after dinner Dad and I took the bikes out on the bike path and rode about 6 miles roundtrip in the park! The bike path goes all through the city of Loveland and it’s really nice!  Very wide and very flat!  We are right on the edge of the prairie here and it’s quite flat!  And hot.  Going up into the 90s everyday. It had rained & stormed most of the afternoon which cooled things off and the sky was still cloudy, which also helped the intense sun! Biking around 7 in the evening was perfect! We got some great views of the sun setting over the mountains!  I didn’t have my camera, or my phone even, with me so no pictures! 

This afternoon we’d planned to take the kayaks out.  Dad has his pedal kayak and he recently purchased an inflatable kayak that he wasn’t as fond of, he’s going to get himself a small hardsided kayak, and so I was going to try it and see what I thought.  An inflatable kayak is the only kind I can have in the RV because I have no way to haul a hard sided one.  We were going to go out around 4:00 but it started to rain!  So, we ate dinner early so Dad and I could head out after it stopped!  The inflatable kayak is a full body workout!  First you work your legs to pump the air in (it’s not hard and doesn’t take long), then it’s a workout to paddle it!  It’s very comfortable to sit in and very stable, I’m not sure I could tip it if I tried.  You do sit very low in it though so you end up using your arm & shoulders more than your abs to paddle.  I did find that if I got up on my knees I could paddle better, but my feet fell asleep.  So, it’s good for short trips, small lakes to paddle around, not so much for longer trips.  I think we’ll keep it and see how much use it gets and if it gets a lot maybe look into buying something different.   Once again the evening weather was perfect – clouds were breaking up the sun and the temperatures had cooled off! We did get some more great views of the sunset on mountains, but I still didn’t have a camera! The rain clouds were still hanging around making it more interesting, but it wasn’t raining! We also saw two white pelicans! 

Tomorrow we are heading over the mountain to Grand Lake to meet some friends for lunch!

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