Thursday, June 30, 2016


Today was a lot driving!
A few weeks ago I decided to sterilize the fresh water tank. This is an easy procedure, basically you pour bleach into the tank and let it sit, then flush it out with fresh water. After I put the bleach in I ran that tank of water through the system and then refilled with fresh water. What I should have done as run that new tank of water through the system and dump it, then refill again. But I didn't. As a result all my water tastes like Clorox. That doesn't make good coffee. Although, I'm sure everything is super clean! So, my first stop of the day was to buy coffee. Luckily I needed fuel too so it was one stop shopping.
It was about 70 miles to Lewisburg, which is where I was dropping off the flood relief supplies. From the highway there's little evidence of the flooding. There were a few spots where there must have been a mudslide, and I could see that the streams were up. The town of Lewisburg wasn't harmed, but it was busy. It's the only town around and has the only grocery store, Walmart, and almost all the relief supplies are being delivered there. I quickly found the church I was supposed to drop the stuff off at and parked nearby. There wasn't anyone around, but the door to the fellowship hall was unlocked so I started unloading. I was surprised that there wasn't more that had been donated. There were about 10 empty tables waiting donations and small piles of food, cleaning supplies, diapers and clothing. Maybe they'd distributed stuff as it came in? I know there's a lot of poverty in West Virginia, maybe folks don't have the resources to help each other? Whatever the reason, it looked like they were in real need of some help so I was glad to leave all that I had.
After my delivery it was just driving. The other two times I've gone west I've returned this way, with West Virginia coming at the end of several boring driving days. I think I like it better that way! Going 64 & 81 is very scenic and it's welcome relief after so much flat. Today it was more "enjoy it while you can!" When I take the northern route it get more progressively boring faster, it's more like ripping off a bandaid. I think I like that better, just jump into the boring stuff early on the way out, then enjoy the scenery on the way back. I stopped at Tamarak, near Beckley, WV for lunch. Then later I stopped at what I'm sure is the biggest Kroger in existence near Frankfort, KY and picked up some Greater's Ice Cream. There was horrible traffic in Louisville. I decided to call it a day in Coryden, IN.
It was only 5:30 when I arrived here. Much too early to sit in either the Walmart or the Cracker Barrel parking lot. Luckily I'd located a nature preserve about 5 miles from the Walmart and headed over there to check it out. Turned out to be a very nice place! There were picnic tables, a pond, ducks, and some walking trails! I got dinner together and took it out to a picnic table to eat. After dinner I walked both the 1 mile paved multi-use trail and the gravel walking path. Then, since it was a nice evening and I still wasn't ready to head back to Walmart I sat at the picnic table to write my blog. Too bad the park closes at dark and I can't just sleep here!

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