Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Plans? Who needs 'em?

Today did not go as planned, even though I had about 50 different plans...none of them happened! Each step of the day, I kept revising my plan to still include everything, but then even that didn't pan out! I'm taking it as a lesson in don't overthink things because it's all going to work out the way it does whether you've planned it that way or not!
The big thing on the agenda today was getting the tires replaced on the RV. The tires were approaching 6 years old and it's recommended that you replace them at 5 years, regardless of wear. The service writer at Mercedes of Chantilly wouldn't give me an estimate because he said they were fine. I wasn't sure I trusted him since they messed up my tires a few years ago rotating and not adjusting the pressure. I'd found Alban Tire in Springfield and they seemed quite knowledgeable about Sprinters - said they work on them all the time since a lot of delivery trucks are Sprinters. He knew exactly which tires were best and ordered them for me. They arrived this morning and I went up there to have them put on.
Once I got back was when things got a bit crazy! I was planning a stop in Lewisburg, WV to drop off some supplies to help out the folks who lost everything in the flooding, but I had to go buy it all, then I needed to finish packing the RV. All this took a lot longer than I expected and it was 4:00 before I was ready to leave. I still had one more stop...Wegmans!
Since it was 5:00 when I got to Wegmans I decided to eat dinner so I could just drive until dark. I really miss Wegmans when I'm gone! I was also able to pick up the 1st thing I realized I forgot...balsamic vinegar!
I left Wegmans right about 6 and had a lovely drive down 81 to Lexington, VA where I'm staying at the Walmart. I have 70 miles to go tomorrow to Lewisburg to drop the cleaning supplies off, then who knows! I'm planning to ride a section of the Katy Trail in MO so I'm hoping I can get at least 500 or so miles in so I have more time for riding on Friday, but Indiana & Illinois don't have many overnight options!

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