Sunday, April 1, 2012


After what seemed like the longest month ever I am finally in FL getting ready to go to sleep in my RV! :-) 


The flight down was long and largely uneventful.  Andy picked me up at 7 am and we zipped up to the airport.  There was no line at security and the flight to Boston was on time!  In Boston things got frustrating – my departure gate was in a different arm of the terminal so I had to go out of security and back through again.  Grrrr…  Then the plane was about an hour late leaving!  Better that flight than the 1st one! I did get to watch The Muppets, for free because of the delay, so that was nice! That movie is so awesome!  Also read a great book called “How NOT to RV!”. 

Finally after  what seemed like the longest 2 hours of my life we landed in Ft. Myers!  I zipped off the plane and hurried to baggage claim.  Mom and Dad were waiting, in the RV, in the cell phone lot!  I was excited when I arrived at baggage claim and the bags were already going around – but mine didn’t come out.  I waited and waited.  Then the carousel stopped.  After a few minutes it got going again and then I saw my RV sitting outside…Mom and Dad had pulled around…my bag *still* hadn’t appeared.  Finally, it came out and I practically took out a small child trying to get to it and run out to the curb.  As I ran out the door I could see my Dad pulling away – like he was going circle and come back, but luckily he saw me and Mom jumped out. 

We had a bit of difficulty opening the sliding door – which I did find rather humorous, came all that way and I couldn’t get in! 

She’s every bit as beautiful in person as she is in the pictures! The seats are very comfortable and there’s a bunch of cabinets & hidey holes to store stuff. 

Dad drove out of the airport – no way was I going to try and navigate that!  We’d planned to go to dinner at Bahama Breeze, a chain my parents discovered in Seattle and they have one in Ft. Myers, but the line was out the door! I’d wanted to stop at Trader Joe’s for some frozen meals so we stopped there and at Moe’s for dinner before coming back to my parents lot. 

I did drive her just a tiny bit, in the parking lot from Trader Joe’s to Moe’s.  Handles just like a car!  Very easy to drive!  Doesn’t seem very big at all!  Tomorrow I’ll drive her around so I’ll get a better feel for it.   I would have driven home from Moe’s but it was dark and I don’t have a clue where anything is so I let Dad drive. 

Tonight I’m staying on my parents site at their RV resort.  This is rather against the rules so don’t tell anyone! First night in my camper and I’m already breaking rules!  Tomorrow night I’ll be in a proper campground!

I’ll leave you with 2 quick pictures:



The view down the aisle from my bed!



My bed, ready for blogging and then sleep!  Prob won’t need the blanket, it’s humid and warm here, but I’ve got it just in case!

Good night!


  1. Very nice ... we look very forward to seeing it (and its new owner!) Wednesday.

    Safe travels! (and remind me to bring up the MP3 player issue when we all get together - I have a couple of thoughts)

  2. Congratulations! It's a beauty and I'm glad you had good travels. :)