Tuesday, April 3, 2012

We Found Waldo!

After my leisurely morning at Collier-Seminole, it was time to start the drive north! 

We left from my parents RV resort a little after 11, which was at least an hour ahead of what we’d planned so that was good!

As I’ve been learning about the RV and getting settled in it I’ve had to keep reminding myself that this one is not a rental, it’s mine and I can put stuff where I want it, decide on modifications, and I won’t be giving it back in a few days and flying home!  When we rolled out the RV Resort it really hit me that this marvel of RV engineering was coming  home with me! And that I got to keep it forever (or until it falls apart, which ever comes first!) :-) 

Florida is a big, ugly state.  Naples is allllll the way in the far southwest corner so we had to drive the length of it – most of it along I-75.   The drive was really rather uninteresting, but I’ll tell you about it anyway!

The batteries died on my iPod speaker less that 50 miles from Naples! I just used the scan feature on the radio to channel surf and I found some good stations…and the sound quality was way better out of the nice speakers rather than the little iPod speaker.  I was able to recharge my iPod speaker – charges via USB – so brought that back!

I’m learning to trust the fuel gauge – it’s digital and it has 10 lines and as the tank goes down lines disappear.  Dad figured up that each line equals 2.5 gallons and should be about 50 miles.  It seems accurate!  (Yes, I get about 500 miles to the tank…about 20 MPG) I had my 1st experience getting diesel!  Not that big of a deal since I went through the RV lanes at the Flying J and it was really very similar to just getting regular gas.  I did have to stop a few feet before the pump and cut off the propane before I got up there and then remember to turn in on again after (wouldn’t want my frozen dinners to thaw out!).  I went into the Flying J and got my rewards card so next time I can get discounts!

I continue to enjoy driving the RV!  I can see almost everything – having a hard time judging distances in the driver mirror – and it’s very maneuverable!  Just gotta get that radio fixed!

We found some hills in Florida!  We were just north of Ocala on US301 (it goes all the way up to VA…) and I started seeing signs: “Hill blocks view”.   Hill blocks view of what?  The flat?  I thought maybe it was a warning that the hill blocked the view for people pulling out of driveways and such, but Dad said the sign means that the hill blocks the drivers view of the road!  Only in Florida would you need a sign to warn you about a tiny hill. 

We were sorta aiming for Jacksonville tonight, but we didn’t quite make it.  It was getting late and it we pressed on we wouldn’t get in until 7:30 so we stopped a little short in a town called “Waldo”!  We found Waldo!  There’s not much here – a gas station, a subway, a flea market on weekends, and a bunch of cops!  The town is a huge speed trap!  When we were coming in we went past the campground and had to do a U turn.  There was a light with a green arrow.  Dad was ahead of me and he took the whole cycle of the light to turn around!  I started into the intersection when it was on yellow and it quickly changed to red meaning I’d totally run the red light.  I knew the cop (silly me assumed he was the only 1) was busy with a speeder, but just as I turned he was done and he came back down the road toward me….I was sweating bullets for a few minutes waiting for him to come to the campground to nail me for running the red light, but they seem more worried about the speeders!

This is a nice campground, no idea what the name is.  It’s basically a big field with hook ups!  It was almost 90* when we got here, but it’s cooling off nicely – the fan in my RV is pulling in the air from outside making it nice and cool in my bed! 

Tomorrow we are having lunch with Russell & Amy in Savannah and then likely heading on to North Carolina! 

I’m also hoping to begin to solve the mystery of why my black (toilet) tank is almost full, yet the grey (shower & sink waste) is still reading as empty.  We have a few theories, but it makes no sense that the tank would still be empty!  Stay tuned!

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