Tuesday, April 3, 2012

She has a name!

I’m not one who normally names her vehicles, but my RV is going to be the exception!

Her name is Roxy, how’d we get that?  Let me explain…

I haven’t have the privilege of meeting the woman I bought the RV from but she seems like an amazing woman!  My understanding of the story had been that her husband had died, therefore she had to sell the RV.  That was not entirely the case.  Turns out that her husband died and then she bought the RV so she could go RVing solo! Then she met a man and life took a different turn.   I can tell that my RV was her baby, it was very well taken care of and she went the extra mile to make sure it was totally ready for me!

And so since the woman I bought it from’s name is Roxanne and she goes by Roxie, we changed the spelling a bit and arrived at Roxy!

Hard to get used to calling a vehicle by a name, but she’s so much more than a vehicle! :-)

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