Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Cord Cozy

This years RV project is a roll up cord cozy! I saw it on Pinterest ( http://www.liveitloveitmakeit.com/2014/09/makers-month-make-it-cable-cozy.html) and knew it was just the thing to organize all my chargers and cords and other electronic stuff! You can't go "camping" without a huge assortment of electronic devices right?

One thing I learned from this project is that there are two levels to a sewing project, one the act of actually sewing and creating an item that is structurally sound and useful, the other the customizing and design to make it useful.

I'm a very beginner sewer, I made my t-shirt quit, but that was easy, just straight seams, nothing tricky. This project was a lot more involved - I had to make a zippered lined pouch, as well as sew on snaps and work with elastic.

I knew the zipper was going to tricky so I did a practice pouch with an extra zipper. It was very frustrating! I sewed it wrong three times and had to pick the stitching out and start over! Even when I finished it, I thought I'd done it wrong & I had to walk away to cool off it was so frustrated (this is why sewing doesn't always go well me!) But, when I came back to look at it I realized it was right, I just needed to finish turning it right side out! Making a sample proved to be very valuable because when I went to make the real thing I knew exactly what to do and how to make sure I didn't make the same mistakes as before! The end result was a great zippered bag for all my stuff! And, I know how to do it so I can make more!

The cord cozy part was much easier to sew, however I didn't really think it through the fist time and once it was done I came up with several design tweaks I wanted to make that would make it more useful so I went back to Joann's and got more fabric, interfacing and elastic (and this time I found the fun ruffled, colored elastic rather than the boring white I'd had the first time!). The end result is much more functional, although I'm not sure exactly how functional my creation will be. Even if it not the best thing ever for my electronics parts, it was a good stretch of my sewing abilities!





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