Thursday, June 25, 2015

Rocky Gap State Park

I finished up my school year on Monday. It was a very challenging year and while I learned a lot and got to work with some amazing people, I was so ready for a break! I was glad I'd planned to leave on my summer trip in just a few days!

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday packing & reorganizing the RV. This is my 4th summer with the RV and over the years my needs have changed and I decided it was time to re-evaluate everything that was in the van. I took a lot of stuff out that I'd never used and changed where I store some stuff to make it easier to get to. I also gave the van a good cleaning! Funny how cleaning the RV is a lot more appealing than cleaning the house!

By this morning all the laundry had been done, the food prepped, the clothing packed, I'd gone around the house several times collecting stuff I'd need and I had everything ready! I left home a little after 10 and headed to Linden for lunch with my friend Kathy! We had a nice lunch and then had time to hang out and chat after, we teach at the same school but there is never any time to chat! It was 3:00 when I decided I needed to get on the road. There was rain in the forecast & it was moving in.

The drive to Rocky Gap was mostly rain free. I came up 522 to 68 and it took about 2 hours from Kathy's. It was raining lightly when I got here but the sky opened up after I got hooked up! If I'd arrived even 5 mins later than I had I would have been pulling in a deluge. I sat in the van and ate dinner hoping the rain would let up and wishing I had an automatic retractable awning so I could open the door and enjoy the fresh air.

The rain did let up right about when I finished so I was able to take my trash (that I'd brought from home, gotta consider trash day when picking my departure day!) to the dumpster and walk around the campground a bit. It was still drizzly and cloudy and everything is wet, but it was a nice walk. It's a huge campground and there's hardly anyone here! I think there's more rain predicted this weekend so maybe folks stayed home!

The rain has also cooled everything off..its in the 60s! Funny, because I made a reservation to ensure I had electricity because I was worried it would be hot and I'd want AC!

Tomorrow is a big driving day - I'm planning to go 550 miles to Kickapoo State Rec Area near Danville, IL so I'm heading to bed early so I can get an early start!


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