Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tie Dye Sheets

I did this last year but I never posted about it!

Last year I decided to give the bed in the RV a makeover. I'd been using a mismatched set of sheets at I pulled together from some of my cast offs and my moms. It wasn't pretty and I knew if I had sheets that fit properly it would be more comfortable. I got a thick plush pillow top type mattress pad and then was thinking about sheets. I was standing in the sheet aisle at Target trying to figure out what color would be best when I saw the white sheets and inspiration hit....I'd tie dye the sheets! I'd recently don't a tie dye project with kindergarten kids and learned all about the new kits they have with squirt bottles making it really easy to get all kinds of colors! So much better than the RIT dye in the 5 gallon pickle bucket that we used to do a summer camp!

I was able to buy individual sheets at Target rather than a set so I could get a queen fitted sheet and a full flat sheet so they'd fit on the bed without a lot of excess sheets! The bed in the RV is bigger than a queen but smaller than a king. Queen size fits, but only if they have deep pockets for a thick mattress.

Once I had the sheets and a new set of dye (you can get it at any craft store or on Amazon, you can get sets with tons of colors or just a few.) it was time to get started! Getting the rubber bands on was hard because the sheets were so big! I'd thought I'd try to do a starburst that started in the middle, but it was really hard do I finally started just putting rubber bands anywhere!

Then I took it outside, put an old sheet down in the yard, and started dying!


Here's the sheet all dyed and ready to soak overnight:

After the sheet soaked overnight I took it up to the bathtub where I ran it under water to rinse out the excess dye, then washed it normally. I didn't get pictures of the process for the other sheet or the pillow cases.

I had attempted to do a rainbow, but it turns out trying to use up the old dye from my kindergarten tie dying didn't really work so well... I like the flat sheet a lot better than the fitted one! And the pillow cases are very cool!

Here are the sheets on the bed in the RV, along with the t-shirt quilt I made and the giant pillow I made out of extra t-shirts from the quilt:

I love my new RV bed! The sheets are really nice, very soft and the colors make me happy!

When we were in New Hampshire last July I was washing the sheets in a campground laundry room and I was chatting with another lady who was camping there. She commented about my sheets when I pulled them out of the dryer so I told her I'd tie dyed them myself and she said, "oh, so you are one of them?" I'm not sure which "them" she meant but if tie dying your sheets is wrong, I don't want to be right! :-)




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