Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Richmond Fun

My overnight in Richmond wasn't all about getting the RV fixed, I did find some time for fun too!

I'd planned to meet up with my aunt & uncle for dinner and when I got finished with my pre-service visit to Rusty it was only 2:30, so, since it was the nicest day we'd had in a while I decided to check out part of the Virginia Capitol Bike Trail. This bike trail is fairly new and runs right next to Route 5 from downtown Richmond to Jamestown. It's 53 miles total, but was only going to ride a few miles.

I parked at Great Shiplock Park right in Downtown Richmond, which happens to be the end of the trail - mile 53. I rode east - I was hoping to make it to where the trail crosses 295 but it turned out that was further than I had time to ride. While not being especially scenic, the trail was very nice - paved, wide, hilly. The first 2 miles or so were more urban but after than it was farmland/suburbs - a very different type of area than I was expecting.

I crossed the Pocahantas Parkway and I took out my phone to see how much further to a park I was aiming for and realized I needed to turn around and get moving toward my aunt & uncle's house. I'm glad I did...turns out I had a strong tailwind which became a headwind when I turned west! Glad I didn't try to press on the extra 3 (6 round trip!) miles!

After a quick snack and changing my clothes I headed over to Kim & Jason's. We ate at one of our favorite nearby Mexican resteraunts - Plaza Azteca - they had great veggie enchiladas! Jason, who lived most of his life in Alaska, and I were both coming off of two weeks of watching the Iditarod in Alaska so we had a lot to discuss including the fact that he knows my favorite musher, Aliy Zirkle!

After dinner we went back to Kim and Jason's. I'd been planning to sleep at the Bass Pro Shop right around the corner from Rusty but as the sun sank low and we kept talking I realized I was just gonna stay right there in their yard...continue the proud tradition of sleeping in people's yards and driveways!

I was paranoid about the LP/CO alarm going off in the night so I ended up disconnecting the battery again. I'd thought the neighborhood would be quieter than the store parking lot, but I might have been wrong - dogs barking all night and motorcycles going by on the main road a few blocks over.

This morning it was in the 30s and very chilly in the RV. I haven't used the propane furnace because it seems like evert time I use it the LP/CO alarm goes off, this morning I decided I didn't care and fired up the furnace! Wow! It got so toasty warm in the RV really fast! And, no alarm today!


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