Thursday, March 24, 2016

Slow Meander Home

It was another chilly morning so I fired up the furnace! Got it all toasty warm with no alarms! YAY! It was too chilly to read much and the sun was slow to come up and warm the picnic table so I headed out a bit earlier than I'd expected to.

It was 3 hours home, but I made several stops along the way.

The first stop was at Appomattox Court House National Historic Park. I was expecting a battlefield like Manassass, but there was a whole little village with restored houses and exhibits! I was the 1st visitor of the day so the Rangers were very attentive, I felt bad that all I really wanted to do was walk around a bit & get my passport stamped! The Civil War is interesting, but I'm not that into it!

My next stop was Deadalus Books in Charlottesville. Deadalus is a used book store that other used book store dream to be! It's in a old house and is three floors of cobbled together bookshelves cramed with books! It's well organized, although it doesn't appear that way when you walk in and it's a great way to spend a happy hour browsing! Parking in downtown Charlottesville was going to be a challenge, but I found a spot not even a block from Deadalus! I took up two curbside spots, but I found parking! I had a lovely time browsing and when I went to pay, the owner of the store noticed that I had a pile of novels - he went in the back and got me a free book from the ones that they pull off the shelves because they aren't selling! The gift book is called Ship Fever by Andrea Barrett - I'd never heard of it, but it won the National Book Award! I'll give it a try!


Since my parking spot was only good for 2 hours and it wasn't a very appealing place to hang out, I decided to go find a park for lunch. I drove out to Pen Park and found a picnic table! It also seems that there's a network of bike paths that you can access from Pen Park, too bad I have a flat! It was a nice place for lunch and soon I was on my way north.

At the intersection of US29 and VA28 there's an ice cream stand called The Moo-Thru. Supposedly it has fabulous ice cream made from farm fresh milk. Every time I'd been by that area it had been closed. But today I was coming through at 2:00 in the afternoon on a hot sunny day! Perfect for ice cream! I had the cookie dough and it was very good! Even better, the "small" was actually small! Perfect size!

My final stop before home was A-1Cyling in Manassas. This is where I bought my bike and they do a great job fixing stuff! Ben quickly fixed my flat, and let me watch so I could learn what to do. They also had a kit available with everything you need to fix a flat on your own! Next time I can attempt to fix it myself!

Finally, by late afternoon I was home! Unloaded, dumped the black tank, and traded the vehicles!


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