Tuesday, March 22, 2016

RV Service of Virginia

This is not a paid advertisement! I had great service at RV Service of VA and wanted to pass along to recommendation to anyone who might be in need of service!

As you all have heard, many times, on this blog, my fridge and my LP/CO dectector have been two thorns in my side in my RV. The LP/CO dectector started the 1st time I took the RV camping and the fridge hasn't been working right on propane for almost 2 years. It was time to fully address both problems. For years now my Dad has taken his RV to Rusty at RV Service of VA in Richmond and Rusty has helped him work through many frustrating, hard to solve issues with his RV so I decided this was the place to go. I'd called about a month ago and gotten an appointment for Tues of Spring Break. I'd planned to come down Monday night so I could be first on Tuesday. I'd blocked out the whole day, thinking it would be late afternoon before they were done.

I'd gotten some advice from a Facebook group I'm a part of that I should bring the proper LP/CO dectector with me to the service place so I'd be sure it was correct, and they would install it (it's hard wired so it works off the 12volt house battery). When I'd made my appointment, Rusty told me they had the dectectors there and I could buy one from him. I'd searched Amazon to find one but I had no idea what model number it was and the owner's manual covered multiple models. I'd been meaning to go over to the RV, crawl under the bed and get a picture of the dectector to get its model number but never did. I was hoping Rusty the one I needed.

Accessing the LP/CO dectector involves pulling the bed apart. Since it's such a pain to put it back together, I wanted to be sure Rusty had the model I needed ahead of time. When I arrived in Richmond Monday afternoon I went over to RV Service of VA to check. The model number isn't on the front of the dectector. You have to unscrew it, flip it over, and locate the number. I crawled under the bed with a screwdriver and my headlamp to take it apart. My screwdriver was too big. The lady who was helping me was really nice, I wish I'd remembered her name, she went in the shop and got me a smaller screwdriver and I tried again. Still didn't work. This time I got a good look at the screw. It wasn't a Phillips head, it was a tiny hex wrench. Ugh. At this point I gave up, decided I'd take the bed apart and hope for the best!

Lucky for me, they had a dectector in stock that worked for me! It's white and the old one was brown, but it's under the bed, no one sees it and as long as it doesn't false alarm at 2am, it's all good!

They also discovered that the burner tube in the fridge was all corroded, they replaced it and cleaned out all the lines. It was working perfectly in the shop! I have it plugged in in my campsite so haven't really had a chance to test it running on LP, but I'll be out biking all day tomorrow and that will be great test!

Both niggling little problems addressed, and it only took them 2 hours! By 10:30 I was on my way to fun! I'll definitely be going back there next time the RV needs service!


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