Saturday, February 25, 2012

National Forests I’ve Visited




In addition to visiting National Parks I also want to visit a lot of the National Forests, it’s yet another reason for buying a small camper van.  When we were in CA we discovered that there were tons of great National Forest Service Campgrounds in very remote, less crowded areas.  Many of the NFS campgrounds were in a nicer setting than the more crowded National Park areas! I’m hoping to take advantage of these quiet, off the beaten path campgrounds!  Just like the National Parks there are a ton of National Forests so I’m not going to  list each one here until I’ve camped or hiked there. 

Check out all of our National Forests here.



I’ve also decided to add National Wildlife Refuges here.  They are are more similar to National Forests than other public lands, even though they are different.  Learn more about Refuges here.


George Washington National Forest:

Jefferson National Forest

West Virginia

Monongahela National Forest

Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge


Arapaho-Roosevelt National Forest

White River National Forest

Gunnison National Forest

San Isabel National Forest

Uncompahgre National Forest


Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge

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