Sunday, February 26, 2012


I’m sure you are all dying to see it, so here are all the pictures I have…



In the campground – looks nice and compact & smaller than the B+ I rented!

The sliding door is very nice – opens up the interior, and with the counter being right there you have a place to put stuff as you come in.


The kitchen counter – with a view out looking at “my” campsite.


The bathroom.  I think the vanity is a little odd, especially since it’s wood, but it might just be great!


Kitchen counter and drawers.


The round thing on top is the awning.





The hook-ups.  I’m honestly not sure why there are 3 plugged in here! One is the electrical hook up, the yellow one I’m guessing. It looks like the one on the left is a water hose, but I don’t think it sounds safe to have your city water hook up right next to the electrical one…gonna have to ask my parents.  One could be a cable TV hook up.


Both the driver and the passenger seats turn around giving you a place to sit when you are camped.  Since the “tall stuff” – bathroom, storage, fridge, are on the driver side you can see out from these seats!  You can also open the sliding door and basically be sitting outside.  I’m going to look into getting a screen to go over the door opening to keep some of the bugs out.


The driver seat!  The one issue with this coach is that it has a basic AM/FM/CD radio – no satellite, no MP3 jack.  At some point I’m going to have it replaced but in the meantime Mom got me some little speakers for my iPod that I can put on the dash.


Spot for a table in the back.  The couch above the hole in the floor folds into a bed, I wish there was a hole in the front for the table, but I don’t think there’s room up there.  I may not use the table much as I’m pretty sure I’ll leave the bed as a bed most of the time.  I’m going to get a lap desk or something to have a “table” in the front seats.  I also think I’ll eat and do other “table” tasks at the picnic table in my campsite.


Under bed storage.


The kitchen, bedroom/dining room, fridge, microwave/convection, and storage wardrobe.  One huge advantage of this coach over other Class B’s is that it has dual rear tires meaning it can carry more weight and I can have a larger fridge and a separate freezer!


TV and radio – oddly enough this radio has an MP3 jack but it’s not connected to the cab speakers and I don’t think you can hear it in the front (even though it’s not that far).  The difference here is that the in dash radio is part of the chassis and this one is part of the house.


Cabinets all around the top to store stuff in.



Looking back toward the door from the bed/table


Window by the bed.


Another great campground shot – look how cute it is tucked in there! 




The aisle – the bathroom is the door with the mirror on it, then the wardrobe, then the fridge/microwave.



That’s all folks!  I’m sure there will be more when I get it, although there’s not much more to show!

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