Thursday, July 20, 2017

Around the Mountain

First of all, yesterday evenings purchase of a new charger cord for my phone seemed to do the trick! It wasn't charging before bed, but I turned it off, left it plugged in and when I turned it on this morning it was fully charged! I used it a bit and then plugged it back in and it quickly charged back up to 100%! Yay! No need to go to Ellsworth! 

I'd planned to do a bike ride this morning and chores this afternoon, even without the trip to Ellsworth, I had things that needed to be done! 

The sun came up before 5, making it very easy for me to make the first bus at 7:28! The very nice driver came out and showed me how to use the bike rack (very easy when you know what to do!), no other bikes, but the bus was packed! I had to stand! It appeared that everyone on the bus was together, I later saw them all in Bar Harbor with rental bikes. 

I got off at the visitor center and got right out on the Carriage Trails.  I went out past Witch Hole Pond to Eagle Lake, around Eagle Lake to Conner's Nubble then turned at the intersection to get to the Around the Mountain Carriage Trail.  Last time we were here Dad and I did Around the Mountain starting from Jordan Pond - first we went up, up, up - I remembered it being a really tough climb, but I couldn't remember the downhill. So this time I decided to go the other way so the part that was uphill last time was now downhill.  The uphill on the other side is just as tough! And, at that time of the morning it was all in the sun, the other side was all in the shade! I ended up walking for a good part of it (walking is acceptable as far as I'm concerned, you are still getting there under your own steam!).  When I got to Jordan Pond I climbed back up to Connors Nubble - this was an easier climb, but my quads were not really happy with more up! Back at the intersection I coasted down Connors Nubble and around the other side of Eagle Lake then back up past Witch Hole Pond to the Visitor Center.  Total mileage was about 22 miles! But with so many ups and downs it was a much harder 22 miles than the Minuteman Trail in Boston! 

It was almost noon when I got back to the campground so I got a shower and lunch then headed into Bar Harbor to get the groceries! Since I didn't need anything super heavy I decided it would be easiest to take the bus.  It was a long hot walk from the Village Green to Hannaford, and and even longer walk back with a big bag of groceries, but I got what I needed and got back to the campground to start cooking! 

I haven't had to cook much in the RV because when I'm out for extended trips I'm usually with Mom and Dad and they cook, but this time I'm on my own! Since I had eggs I wanted to use up I decided to make a quiche - spinach & mushroom and feta.  It took longer to prepare than it would have at home because I didn't have a rhythm down for working in the small kitchen, but I had everything I needed and cooked it in my convection oven! It came out great! This was only the 3rd time I've used me convection oven! The 1st two times were coming home last year when I cooked something frozen that needed to be cooked in the oven. 

This evening I hope to finally get blogs from last week posted and I'm finally going to walk over to Udder Heaven! 

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