Friday, July 21, 2017

Catch up

I have fallen very far off the blogging wagon! I'm going to try and catch up! 

On Saturday, it was cloudy with the possiblity of rain, so we decided to go to lunch at the Jordan Pond House and then Dad and I were going hike. 

We were the only ones on the Jordan Pond bus heading out! Wow! It was after 10 and the bus was empty! I guess everyone was staying in because of the cloudy and cool weather! We go to to Jordan Pond Just before the restaurant opened! It was very chilly at Jordan Pond, I was wishing I'd brought more clothes!  We ended up eating soup for lunch because it was so chilly! After lunch Dad and I headed out to hike up to The Triad.  It was a shorter, more gentle hike through thick pine forest with moss and ferns and just a little bit of rock climbing! 

After out hike we went into Ellsworth, where I bought an inflatable SUP! I decided that the one at Cadillac Mountain Sports was a good deal - it was a discontinued model but it was a reputable company and quality ptoducts with good reviews! 

So of course, on Sunday Dad and I went out to Long Pond to kayak & SUP! He was in the Sea Eagle and he enjoyed it! The Sea Eagle is now his! We were out for 3 hours! We paddled all the way over the other side, had lunch in our boats and paddled back. The sun was intense and we were both worn out! 

Yesterday, Monday, Dad and I rode our bikes on the Carriage Trails! We started at the Visitor Center, but the connector trail was closed for resurfacing so we had to detour on the Park Loop Road to Duck Brook Road! Added about 2 miles to the ride!  Once we got on the Carriage Trails we went down to Eagle Lake, around half of Eagle Lake to Bubble Pond to Jordan Pond, back up and then down Aunt Betty's Pond and back to Witch Hole Pond to Duck Brook Bridge. It was a nice ride, more up and down than the Around The Mountain route so that was nice! It still had a lot of elevation gain/loss!  The weather during most of the ride was bright and sunny! We opted to ride back into Bar Harbor rather than going back to the Visitor Center. As we were riding down the hill suddenly the air got really cold! As we got closer to the ocean the fog got thicker and the air was cooler! We ate a quick lunch and got ice cream then headed back on the bus.  

Since it was early when we got back we drove up Cadillac Mountain so Mom and I could get our passports stamped. It was 75 and sunny up there, but we couldn't see the ocean at all because of the fog! We were above the fog, which was very cool! Next we drove around the park loop road, we couldn't see anything along the ocean because the fog was so thick! There was a 15* temperature difference between the summit of Cadillac and the ocean! After our drive we went into Bar Harbor and went to the Thai Restaurant and I saw my friends from the SUP class! 

This morning Dad and I hiked Norumbega Mountain! It was another shorter, less rocky trail, but we did have to go up The Goat Trail! The Goat Trail was steep and rocky, but not as steep and rocky as some other trails! Once again it was very cloudy and the fog was thick! It made the forest look cool, but it wasn't good for views. The trail description said that there weren't many views anyway so I don't think we missed much.  Even after the rocky climb the descent was pretty easy and then we went around Lower Hadlock Pond back to the car. 

This afternoon I went into Ellsworth to visit the AT&T store.  My phone had quit charging again and my tricks that I'd tried the last time weren't working. I'd been able to back it up on Mom and Dad's wifi so I decided I needed a new phone.  It was time for an upgrade anyway so it wasn't that big of a deal.  I was mostly worried about having all my stuff on my new phone.  Turns out I didn't need to worry about that! Once my phone was backed up in iCloud all I had to do was sign in and click "restore" and my shiny new phone looked just like my old broken one! Some of my accounts were even still signed in on my new phone! Wow! And, the iPhone 7 supposedly has an amazing camera! 

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