Friday, July 21, 2017

The Gorge Trail

Dad and I headed out this morning to hike in the Sieur de Monts Springs area.  We took the bus from the campground to the Visitor Center and took a Loop Road bus to Sieur de Monts.  

We did a loop that went up the saddle between Dorr and Cadillac Mountains.  It was regally pretty! It was all in the trees with rocks but they weren't that big or hard to walk over.  We started going around The Tarn on a well constructed rock path, then we started going up, up, up, over rocks! As far as rock climbs go it wasn't super hard, but it was still uphill! The trail did go along a creek and there were a few cascades and waterfalls. As we got closer to the top we did get some ocean views!  At the top we were .4 of a mile - of more up over rocks - from the summit of Cadillac! We didn't go the rest of the way up, we continued on the Gorge Trail that went between Dorr and Cadillac Mountains.  The down was still over rocks but again the trail was very well constructed and it was easy walking! The Gorge was really cool with big rock walls and tall trees!  

The trail we were on crossed the Hemlock Road that I'd been on yesterday so we decided to walk back into Bar Harbor rather than walk back to Sieur de Monts to get the bus! Once back in Bar Harbor we got some Mt. Desert Island Ice Cream and then caught the bus back to the campground. 

We went for an early dinner at Sweet Peas Farm Cafe. It was good, but not as good as the last time we were here! 

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