Friday, July 21, 2017

Biking and SUPing

Yesterday was another cloudy, foggy morning! Been a lot of those here this year! Dad and I decided to do a shorter bike ride around Eagle Lake.  We called the Acadia NP info line to see if the connector from the visitor center was open and we were told that it was still closed, so we took the car over to Eagle Lake.  There were plenty of people who also had this plan! 

When we arrived there was lots of fog on the lake, but by the time we rode around the fog had lifted and the sun was out!  After our ride around Eagle Lake we did a loop around Paradise Hill.  Up there you get some great views of Frenchman's Bay, but not today as the fog was still thick out on the ocean.  

We spent the afternoon at the campground, Mom and Dad were doing some stuff for my Grandmother and I was reading.  We went into Bar Harbor for dinner and after dinner Dad and I walked The Shore Path which runs about a half mile from the Town Pier along the shore - ocean on one side and huge "cottages" on the other.  It was a nice walk! I'm surprised that I hadn't discovered it sooner! 

Today the forecast was for full sun and 85 degrees! Hot for Bar Harbor! We decided it was the perfect day for SUPing and kayaking at Echo Lake.  We left a bit later and went out to Ike's Point, the public boat launch.  Echo Lake is much nicer for SUP & kayak! It was calm, less wind, and there were no power boats! We paddled all over and it was a lot more relaxed than our SUP on Long Pond! I didn't fall in once! I went in to go swimming twice, but I didn't fall in at all! 

We spent the rest of the afternoon sitting outside at Mom and Dad's site, I was using the wifi until the signal dropped, then reading, Mom and Dad were working on stuff for my grandma.  We went to Pepper's Pizza for dinner, this was a new one for us and it was very good! After dinner Dad and I walked the beach at Hull's Cove and watched the tide come in - it comes in quickly! Then we walked the campground a bit and went to Udder Heaven.  This time I tried blueberry cheesecake, it was really good! 

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