Thursday, July 20, 2017

Bar Harbor

The sun come up early here on the very edge of the east coast! It was getting light in my RV around 4:30, with full sun by 5:30! Good thing I like to be up early! I tried to go through my morning routine slowly but I was still ready to go before 7! Early to leave Freeport, early to arrive in Bar Harbor! 

I like going to new places and seeing new things, but it's also really nice to come back to a place you know well! This is my 4th time in Bar Harbor and it was nice to pull in and know where everything was, how to take the bus, what the best campground is, etc.  Several years ago we discovered The Bar Harbor Campground and it's pretty much the best. They don't take reservations or credit cards! You come in, pick your site from the available ones, and it's yours till you decide to leave! It's right on the bus route and there's an ice cream place walking distance just outside the campground! When I arrived this morning there weren't many site choices, but I got a water/electric pull through. It's not very shady and not very pleasant to hang out in, but it's a site and I don't need to spend too much time here!

My iPhone has been having a hard time charging. It wasn't charging the other day and then last night it didn't charge at all despite being plugged in, I had it plugged in all day and still nothing.  I've tried different power sources, different cords, turning it off and back on again, several hard re-sets, and I now have a brand new cord, but nothing seems to be working.  Luckily my iPad is charging and I have wifi here that actually works so it's not *that* big of a problem, I am planning to to Ellsworth tomorrow to see what I can do about it. 

The bigger thing that's annoying is that my phone is my only camera! I left my little camera at home because last year it drove me crazy that I had pictures on two devices, this year I decided, one device was all I was taking! 

Knowing that the phone could wait, I got on the bus and headed out to Sand Beach to hike first around Great Head and the down the Ocean Path to Otter Cliffs! Thanks to the bus system you can do this as a 1 way hike, and get on the bus at the end.  The hike was really nice! When I got off the bus at Sand Beach I was hit with a blast of cold air that I thought was the buses AC, turns out it was the breeze off the ocean! The sun was shining as I started and the breeze was keeping it cool! After I finished Great Head the fog/mist/clouds began to roll in and it was cloudy and chilly. It was still nice though. The bus that picked me up was a "Loop Road" bus vs a "Sand Beach" bus and it traveled through a part of the park I'd never been to and brought me back to the Visitor Center which was perfect to catch the bus back to the Bar Harbor Campground! 

When I got back I did some chores, ate dinner, then realized the problem with the phone might be the charger cord I'm using, so I hopped a bus into Bar Harbor and got a new charger cord.  So far it's not working.  While I was in town I also got ice cream! 

The other nice thing about the Far East east coast, it gets dark earlier! 9:00 and it's already good and dark! Time for bed so I can be up when the sun comes up! 

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