Friday, July 21, 2017

Cold Rainy Day

The forecast for rain for today was correct. It was rainy when I got up and chilly - only in the 50s.  I stayed in the van and read until about 9 and then got moving and headed into Ellsworth to go grocery shopping and check out the LL Bean Outlet and Cadillac Mountain Sports.  

Cadillac Mountain Sports had several inflatable SUPs, and they are reasonably priced! Hmmm.... I may be back over there! 

A quick trip to Hannaford and I was headed back to Bar Harbor! It had stopped raining, but it was dripping off the trees so I ate inside.  The rain was expected to clear up around 2 so I headed out on the bus, thinking it would be a good time go out to Thunder Hole and get my passport stamped since I figured it wouldn't be crowded and I was right! Even though it was cloudy, cold and spitting rain, there still people out, but not as many. 

I came around on the bus to Sieur de Monts Springs, there are a lot of trails there and I figured I could find a short trail to hike.  I found a trail that went up to a great view! Lots of rocky steps! Then I came down and walked a nice meadow with a boardwalk! I was going to walk back to get the bus back to Sieur de Monts, but when I looked at the map I realized I could walk right into Bar Harbor! 

Back in Bar Harbor I got ice cream and got the bus back to the campground. 

Mom and Dad had been driving up and had originally planned to be here tomorrow morning, but they were making good time and decided to come into Bar Harbor tonight! It was a scramble to find a site that was big enough for them, but I found one and they were able to get into it! 

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