Sunday, July 9, 2017

Cunningham Falls State Park

I have a shorter summer this year because we started after Labor Day but we are going back before.  So, I didn't want to travel too far. I also wanted the trip to be easy to plan, not involving a whole lot of plotting and thinking.  The number one spot that fit, Bar Harbor! Having been there before I know exactly what I want to do, there's stuff I haven't done yet, and the Bar Harbor Campground is the easiest place ever to stay! 

I planned a scenic route to get there and back that avoids I-95 and allows for some stops to see stuff along the way! My plan is to take 4 days to ge there and 4-5 to get back.  I'm thinking I'll spend 1-2 weeks in Bar Harbor, giving me about 4 weeks of travel. 

Mom and Dad are planning to join me in Bar Harbor at some point, but they have several things they are trying to take care of.  

I was going to wait to leave until July 4 to escape the crowds, but I decided to check and see if Cunningham Falls had any sites open and they did! I'm guessing that July 4 being a Tuesday has thrown off the "weekend" and many people only get Tuesday off!  

I left home at 10 and my first stop was Wegmans near Dulles, for last minute stuff I didn't buy on Friday.  Then I continued on to the park, arriving here at 2:00. Getting out of Northern Virginia is challenging, even mid-day! 

Since it was so early when I got here I went over to the lake to swim and people watch! There were a lot of people, but it wasn't crowded! The lake wasn't that inviting.  The swimming area was shallow and warm with a mucky bottom. You had to stay in the swimming area too, so no going out deep! I swam a few laps in the deepest part and got out.  I sat on my towel in the grass for a little while waiting my suit to dry and then walked back to the van. 

My site is in the uppermost loop and it is very quiet and shady! The shade made it very pleasant to sit outside and read this afternoon.  I got a new chair (after my old chair was stolen Memorial Day weekend when I used it to mark my site!), it's one of the anti-gravity recliner chairs and it's very comfortable! I enjoyed the afternoon just sitting and reading. 

After dinner I got out and walked the campground - it's a big place with a huge hill between the four loops.  My loop is the quietest loop! There are lots of open sites in all the loops though! 

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