Wednesday, July 6, 2016


After I got breakfast and dumped I headed out of Colorado Springs to Creede. It was 220 miles so the drive took a good chunk of the day.

It was very interesting how the landscape changed! Not too far south of Colorado Springs the big mountains ended. Just stopped. Very abuptly. Beyond the mountains were some hills, but they were low and covered with small bushes. More desert-like.

I was on 50 west for a good chunk of the day! I always love driving 50 west because it's the same road that runs by my school! The section of 50 between Canon City and Salida is pretty neat! It's runs right through a canyon created by the Arkansas River. You've got the river and the mountains! It's very arid and desert-like but it was pretty!

After Salida I was excited because you could see the big mountains and I was thinking we'd be going over some high passes. I went over Poncha Pass, but it was anti climatic. Then I was in a huge high plateau with mountains all around and farms and ranches in the grasslands. It reminded me of Montana.


When I turned off on the road to Creede I started heading back into the mountains. The town of Creede is nestled in the Rio Grande Valley. There are huge mountains all around and a big grassy valley with the river running right through it! It's very pretty!

After I arrived and got settled we walked over to see Mom and Dad's friends Milt and Janice who were crossing the country in their new LTV van. They'd routed themselves through Creede to see Mom and Dad. We checked out their new coach - it's very nice! They have a Murphy bed and can have a table AND a bed in a van that's only a bit bigger than mine!

Next we went to check out the town of Creede. It was just one block but it had a few nice stores with art and unique items, no touristy junk! The town seemed to close up at 4:30/5. We found one resteraunt that was open and looked good so we ate an early dinner and headed back to the campground.


We are staying at a very upscale place! Most of the rigs are big class As. They have an area where folks can buy a site and those are really nice. My site is huge! And it's so quiet. So very quiet. I don't think I've had a truly quiet night since I left home! This is going to be nice!


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