Friday, July 29, 2016

Hermitage Point Hike

The other night I really enjoyed the walk around the Lakeshore Trail. It reminded me of the San Juan Islands near Seattle with the water and the evergreens and the mountains. It was also very shady, with no sagebrush. I was hoping the hike to Hermitage Point would be more of the same.


Spoiler alert: it wasn't.

The hike started out great - lots of lake views, shade. There would have been some great views of the Tetons but the smokey haze was thick this morning. You could hardly tell that the Tetons were there! The hike even featured a nice lily pad covered pond!


About halfway to Hermitage Point, the sagebrush meadow started, it went on and on the whole way around the point. Hermitage Point itself was a nice spot looking out over Jackson Lake and the Tetons. Only you couldn't see the mountains. We hiked on to a hiker/boater campsite with a view of Signal Mountain, which you could kind of see.


After lunch the heat hot going. Sagebrush meadows in the blazing sun are not fun. Eventually we did get back into the trees and to another lily pad covered pond, but I was hot and tired of walking.

Finally we made it made back to Colter Bay - 11 miles! A little long for my tastes, especially with the heat!

When we got back Mom came over to get Dad and they went to the Post Office in Moran to get their mail and I did a quick load of laundry so I'd have clean clothes to get home!

After my laundry was done we went back over to Signal Mountain Lodge for dinner, and then I had to finish my chores, dump, put away laundry, put other stuff away. One more day in the Tetons and then I head east!


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