Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Leadville & Laundry

Today's plan was to drive over Independence Pass since Mom and Dad didn't get to drive over on the way from Gunnison. And, since everything in Aspen is so expensive*, we decided to bring the laundry with us in hopes of finding a more reasonable laundromat.

*And, no, I'm not starting like Aspen the more I'm there.

Our first stop was in downtown Aspen at the Paradise Bakery for muffins! Heather had suggested the cinnamon rolls there and yesterday Mom got one and then Dad and I were there later for ice cream! This was also an opportunity for Internet - our campground is 5 miles outside of Aspen and we have no cell signal there!

We drove up and over Independence Pass and stopped a few times for pictures. I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention because I'd already seen it all. I sat in the backseat and transferred pictures from my camera to my phone!

On the other side we stopped for lunch at a picnic area on Twin Lakes. Here you had a great view of the mountains you climbed over when you drove over the pass! I'd wanted to stop on Sunday but I missed the turn.

Once on the other side we went up to Leadville because we knew it was a neat town and they had a laundromat! Here the cost of laundry was much more reasonable - $2.50 to wash and $1.25 to dry (for me, Mom's was more), in Aspen it was $4.75 to wash and $3.00 for an hour to dry.

After the laundry finished we walked around Leadville. It's a cute town, a bit more run down than some of the other towns we've been to but they had several stores we enjoyed browsing!

We returned to Aspen over Independence Pass. It was evening now and the light was different! In both trips over today I did see plenty of things I'd missed when I was driving. Even still, my favorite trip over the pass was the 1st, when I was driving and experiencing it for the first time! It as a thrill to drive my RV over such a big pass and through so many little driving challenges!


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