Saturday, July 16, 2016

Dinosaur National Monument

It did finally cool off last night, but it took awhile! This morning there was more cloud cover which made it bearable in the desert!

We headed back up to the visitor center to check out what's here. The dinosaur quarry was very cool! They have left the dinosaur bones in the rock as they found them (well, some, others have been removed and are on display in various musuems around the world. It was neat to see where they have dug and learn about how they found them! Makes the dinosaurs seem so much more real! They aren't just skeletons you see at the natural history museum, they really existed!


After lunch we drove out the road near the visitor center. The main feature of the road was rocks. The rocks were interesting and neat looking. At the end of the road was a homestead that had belonged to a woman who lived out there by herself. There were also two box canyons, Dad and I hiked to one of them. It was a neat short hike, the rocks were pretty interesting.


We got back to the visitor center and got back in the RVs to drive up to the Flaming Gorge. We drove out of the desert and back into the forest! After we left Vernal, Utah we headed up a big mountain and slowly to desert landscape turned back into Aspen trees and evergreens! And the temperature dropped! We are staying at the Firemans Memorial Campground, in the Ashley National Forest, right on the edge of the flaming gorge reservoir.

After dinner we drove around a bit and checked out the dam and some of the views! It's a really pretty area and it was really neat driving around at sunset!


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