Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Mom Day

As you may notice, Mom kinda gets left out of most of these blogs because Dad and I do all the hiking and biking and stuff and she's no into that. So today, since Dad had to go to Jackson for the Jeep, Mom and I got to hang out! :-) I thought it was very nice and I really enjoyed it!

We had a nice low key morning, I finished my book and we weren't rushing to get stuff together and get going. We mosey-ed ourselves out of the campground around 9:30 and headed over to String Lake.

I'd thought String Lake would be a good walk for Mom since it had great scenery and no elevation gain! Even with our slower start we were ahead of the crowd, easily found parking and headed out through the picnic area. It was still cool in the shade and there was a slight reflection of the mountains in the lake. There were lots more people kayaking and canoing on the lake, including a group of kids from what looked like a summer camp.

After our walk we checked out Jenny Lake Lodge and decided it was too fancy for us and headed over to Signal Mountain Lodge, which had a much better menu! We had a lovely table out on the deck with a great view! After lunch we checked out the gifts shops, then headed up Signal Mountain.

Signal Mountain is kind of a random mountain - it's low and rounded rather than high and jagged. It blocks the view of The Grand from Oxbow Bend, but it has a great view from the top! You can see the flats of the valley as well as the Snake River. It was very hazy from the smoke from the Cliff Creek Fire (the one that re-routed us last week!), but without the smoke you'd be able to see The Gros Ventre Mts and maybe even Jackson. When you looked the other way you could see the entire Teton Range and Lake Jackson.


Next we went back to the gift shop and general store in Colter Bay and the visitor center. It was really hot so I decided to go swimming and Mom went back to her RV.

The swimming beach at Colter Bay is really nice...NO SAND! It's all rocks. The water was pretty cold, but it wasn't as cold as the Snake River! (Of course the lake was created by putting a dam on the Snake River, so technically it's the same!). The really neat thing was the you could see all the mountains! And, you could pretty much swim anywhere. There were a lot of people on the main beach area but I went out away from them. There was no restriction about where you could and couldn't swim.


When I got back to the campground Dad had returned from getting the car fixed. The report from the Jeep Dealer says: "remove blower motor to find two mice in blower wheel. One rodent still intact. One in pieces." Awwww. Poor mice! It went on to describe how they cleaned it out and disinfected everything. The last line says: "There may be a residual smell." LOL!

So, hopefully we are good to go and there aren't any more mice in the car, or in either RV.

After dinner Dad and I walked out the "trail to the lake" that is just beyond my campsite. It lead us right back to the swimming beach where I'd been earlier! We walked all along the beach to the Lakeshore Trail and then around a peninsula that sticks out into Jackson Lake. It was a great time to be out there with the sun setting behind the mountains! Great views of the mountains with the lake!




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