Tuesday, July 19, 2016


We finally made it to Jackson!

I was up early and dumped and put on water then headed out so Dad could have my makeshift site so he could dump.

Once I got to Alpine there was a lot of smoke! The road was very scenic and remote going up the valley with the snake river, a lot rougher than where it flows in front of the Tetons. The smoke had settled in and was very thick, obscuring the views, but adding to them as well!

When I got to Jackson there was less smoke, but it was still obvious there was a large fire burning nearby. When I drove out of town toward the campground I was surprised when I looked up and saw just the very tip of a "Teton" sticking out of the haze! The mountains were *right* there, but you could hardly see them for the haze of smoke!

I was able to secure two sites at Gros Ventre Campground. It's "first come, first served" and every day many people leave and more people come, which is why we wanted to get here early to ensure we got sites, and now that we are here the sites are ours until we want to leave or 14 days whichever comes 1st, we just have to make sure we have paid by 11am (checkout).

After Mom and Dad got here we went out exploring. We drove out Gros Ventre Road to Kelly, where there is a neat store with awesome sandwiches! Then we continued around to the Antelope Flats road where the barn is that everyone takes pictures of with the mountains in the background. We hung out there for awhile taking pictures, the headed in to explore Jackson.

We walked around the square, checked out some outfitter stores and got information on things we might want to do while we are here. Then we came back to the campground to make & eat dinner!

After dinner Dad and I went out to Jenny Lake. We were going to walk to the moose ponds, but it was too far! We walked a bit around Jenny Lake and the drove out to some trailheads and saw alpineglow on the Catherdral Peaks - Tweeinot, Grand Teton, and another I can't recall the name of.


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