Sunday, July 6, 2014


After the NASCAR finished up it got nice and quiet at the Cabela's! I heard nothing until I woke up! :-) We had another 200-ish miles to go to get to Bar Harbor & Acadia NP, so we were on the road by 8:30.

Maine is the best part of I-95. There are few cities and even those are small. It doesn't take long to be out with just trees, rocks, ponds and few other cars. This morning I was on 295 just outside of Portland when I saw a mamma duck and her babies (about 8 give or take) trying to cross the highway! The ducks were in the entrance ramp heading across the road, they'd made it to the right lane by the time I was approaching so I moved into the left lane to get around them. Then by the time the next car threatened they were all in the left lane so that car didn't have to move. I watched in the rearview mirror and saw all the ducks waddle safely into the median. Amazing!

Around noon we arrived at the Bar Harbor Campground. This campground is great because they don't take reservations. They say "there's always someone leaving"! On the Sunday after 4th of July there were a lot of folks leaving and arriving at noon gave us prime pickings for campsites. You get to pick your own site and they only take cash or check, no credit cards! It's a genius system and I feel like I always have a place in Bar Harbor!

We spent the afternoon getting ice cream, cooking food so we'd have it ready, and enjoying the breeze off the ocean!

This evening I wanted to go to a public yoga session with Yoga in the Park on top of Cadillac Mountain. It was from 6:30-7:30. Mom and Dad didn't want to do yoga but they came to the mountain - Dad went for a walk and Mom read her book. The yoga was fabulous! It was so neat to be doing yoga on the side if the mountain with an incredible view, even if it was incredibly windy! It was a small group - just the leader and I at first and then another man joined us late and he was clearly friends with the leader! She was very nice and lead an excellent yoga session! :-)

The view when we started yoga
The view by the end of yoga

After yoga we went to Jordan Pond House for dinner. It was fabulous! They had all kinds of fresh, local foods including lots of veggies on the menu!


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