Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Eagle Lake Bike Ride

This morning we headed out to the Visitor Center to pick up the Carriage Road around Witch Hole Pond to Eagle Lake.

As soon as we got on the Carriage Road there was a very steep hill! I was not prepared for it, the guys at the Bike Shop had left my bike in 8th gear on the back and I could barely pedal! I spent the first 1/4 mile downshifting to where I was comfortable, I'd finally gotten there and bam! Huge hill! I ended up getting off to walk the super steep section! After that the trail was mostly flat, a little rolling, but nothing to long or steep all the way to the Eagle Lake Road. You pass several ponds and have lots of opportunities to see turtles, frogs, beaver, lily pads, beaver dans and other pond things.

The Carriage Road around Eagle Lake is very nice! You get some good views of the Lake, The Bubbles, and Cadillac Mountain at the North End but the rest of the way around is wooded. There is one very large hill when you go up and over Conner's Nubble. We went counter clockwise around the lake and it seemed like it was steeper on the down than the up!

After we came all the way around Eagle Lake we rode out to Paradise Hill by way of the Duck Creek Bridge, one of the famous bridges, which is close to Bar Harbor and provides a way to get from the network of Carriage Trails to town. After checking out Duck Creek we rode up Paradise Hill and got some views of the water, but we weren't up quite high enough.

We came back to the campground for lunch and chores. Mom and I did laundry, dad made a grocery run. Then Dad and I went out to the field behind their campsite (they are up on the hill with a water view) to pick wild blueberries! Didn't get many as they are kind of a pain to pick, they are small and fall out of your fingers! Then mom and dad worked on cooking a few things so we can eat them for lunch and I dumped my RV.

Around 4:30 we headed out to Gaylyn's - a nice restaurant in Downtown Bar Harbor - for dinner. I had sautéed lobster and it was very good! I still hard to pull a piece of cartilage out of it, but it was better than the whole lobster! After dinner we walked the streets of Bar Harbor checking out what was new in the stores. On out way back to the campground we stopped at our favorite, Udder Heaven, for ice cream!


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