Saturday, July 19, 2014

Farm Stands and The Kangcamagus Highway

With Dad's wrist needing time to heal we decided to take it easy today and do some car touring. We started by checking out several farm stands we'd seen yesterday! Our first stop we hit the mother load! They had plenty of fresh veggies that had been grown on their farm as well as baked goods, ice cream, jams and jellies and other fun stuff!

We kept driving out the West Side Road where we messed up yesterday and drove up Catherdal Ledges - a large rock outcropping that had a view at the top! After that we were back in North Conway and went to The Local Grocer -an organic/local grocery store. They had a cafe and it was lunch time so we got lunch! The menu featured local/clean meats as well as both vegetarian and vegan choices! I had a yummy salad with falafel, feta and marinated onions! Mom ordered BLT and it had extra crispy, almost burned bacon and vega-ayse - vegan, egg-free, mayo. Bacon, and vegan mayo? Kind of defeats the purpose! LOL!

After lunch we had to sample the ice cream selections at Lickety Split in North Conway. Quite tasty!

After that we headed out the Kancamagus Highway. We didn't drive too far, but we made several stops. The first stop was at Rocky Gorge Scenic Area. Here there was a neat gorge with a bridge over it so you can see the whole thing! Also there was a one mile quickie walk around a small pond! It had a lot up and down and was in a pine forest with lots of roots! It was a nice walk!


After Rocky Gorge we headed down the Kancamagus to another campground where there was another short loop hike to a pond. We found the trailhead easily and headed out. Only we didn't get far. As soon as we got out of sight of the car there was a river that we had to cross. It wasn't deep, it would be easy crossing, however it definitely involved taking off your shoes and wading and neither of us wanted to do that, twice - once on the way there and once on the way back - for a 2 mile walk. We walked some rogue trails near the river to see if there was a better place to cross that didn't require getting your feet wet, but there wasn't so we decided to walk in the campground! There are hundreds of miles of trails in the White Mountains and we were walking a campground. Oh well!

We drove back to the campground via the Bear Notch Road. It had no traffic and several views! In a few places there were pull offs that could serve as overnight parking if you ever got up here and couldn't find a campsite. (In most places in North Conway they don't allow overnight parking, but over the weekend all the campgrounds are filled, if you came in without a reservation, if hoping to get a 1st come, 1st served, site in the National Forest you'd be screwed!)

When we got back to the campground it was early so we made dinner and then headed out to the LLBean outlet. Dad was still short on his steps so he walked the 1.4 miles from the campground to LLBean. It was along the shoulder of the highway, again, hundreds of miles of trails and he's hiking the highway!

We spent about 2 hours browsing the LLBean Outlet, Eastern Mountain Sports, and Orvis before heading back to the campground for fresh berries and cookies!


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