Sunday, July 13, 2014

Drive to the Whites

We'd planned on staying a few days in Bar Harbor and somehow ended up being there a week! It was time to move on to New Hampshire and the White Mountains!

We left the Bar Harbor Campground a little after 9. Mom and Dad's premium site on the hill was taken even before they'd moved off of it!

It was about 200 miles to get to Gorham, NH and it took pretty much all day! I stopped at a WalMart in Newport, ME for lunch/snack since I didn't think there'd be an option later. Turned out there was a lovely rest stop just before Skowhegan right on the Kennebec River! Oh well!

When I got to downtown Skowhegan I saw Mom and Dad's big RV parked on the street so I pulled in behind them. Right after they pulled in someone parked right in front of them, making it impossible for Dad to get out without backing up, which meant he had to take the car off. Since the car was off anyway we went in search of Gifford's Ice Cream. The first place Google Maps led us to was the factory. You couldn't buy ice cream there! The next place it took us to was the actual ice cream stand! The ice cream was yummy and soon we were back on our way west!

It was a long bumpy ride out US2! There were lots of small towns with goofy routing. The bumps shook nearly everything loose - the drawers were opening, the TV swung out a few times, even the wardrobe opened and dumped clothes out on the floor!

Finally we made it to Timberland Campground in Shelbourne, NH! We didn't have a reservation but they had sites for us! It's a nice campground and we got two side by side campsites with full hook ups! Mine is even level! There are some walking trails near the Androscroggin River and supposedly the train that runs on the track that if is 100 ft from our sites only runs "occasionally".


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