Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Rainy Day

When I woke up this morning it was rainy and yucky. I decided to take advantage of the yucky day and do laundry and post blogs. I figured that doing laundry on a rainy day wasn't an original idea so after breakfast I gathered my laundry and headed over to the laundry room. Turns out I was the only one doing laundry! Other folks were there using the internet, but I was the only one doing laundry. I was able to get all my blogs posted and catch up on some other internet stuff.

After my laundry was done I wrestled the sheets back on the bed! Trying not to get dirt in the bed is next to impossible, I get dirt on my shoes and then it gets tracked in and gets on my feet! As soon as my fresh clean sheets were on the bed, there was already big pieces of dirt in my bed! Ugh. By the time my laundry was done it was time for lunch and after lunch the rain had started to let up so we went out in search of someplace to take a quick walk. But first we stopped for ice cream! LOL!

There are tons of trails to hike around here but most of them have awesome views of the mountains and while the rain had stopped, the clouds were low and there wouldn't be any mountain views. So we decided to check out two state parks that were near Gorham - Moose Brook State Park and Jericho Mountain State Park.

Moose Brook was a nice park! It was small - only a few trails, some picnic tables, a natural swimming pool, and a good sized campground. Dad and I walked for about 30 minutes and explored most of the park. There were a lot of single track mountain bike trails, but that's not our thing!

The next stop was Jericho Mountain State Park. I'd looked up the park online and I saw that there were a lot of trails do I felt certain we'd find someplace to walk. We got there and learned that all the trails were ATV or dirt bike trails. Not our thing. There was a nice lake and we could have kayaked in it, but we weren't ready for that. Dad and I walked over to the lake and looked at it and then we headed out.

The AT crosses US2 a mile or so from our campground so we decided we'd bring mom back to the campground and go walk a mile or so up the trail and then walk back. We headed south on the AT and it was a gentle uphill next to a nice river! It was wide and gentle and just a trail through the woods, no views or anything, so perfect for a rainy day (although the sun was starting to come out, the clouds were still lingering). We walked up the to Rattle River shelter and then headed back to the car. We probably should have started with our "old friend" the AT!



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