Friday, July 4, 2014

Hurricane Arthur

Over the course of the day yesterday and last night the forecast for today went from "rain likely, about a 1/2 inch" to "heavy rain - 1-2 inches" to "tropical storm conditions possible". It was gonna be a nasty day.

It was nice when I got up, cloudy & cool. It had rained overnight, so everything was wet, but nothing was falling from the sky. I had a nice breakfast at the picnic table, then we decided to head over to the beach for an hour or so before we left the campground - check out was at 11 and we had nothing else to do.

As soon as we got in the car the rain began. By the time we got to the beach it was pouring. Both East Beach State Park and the local public beach wanted $20 to park. We thought that was excessive considering we were only going to stay for an hour or so and it was pouring rain. So we went back to the campground and got ready to go. We left the campground and drove to a Walmart in Seekonk, MA which is right over the border, very close to Providence, RI. The rain had stopped when we got back to the campground and it was dry the whole drive to Walmart.

After an early lunch we decided to head toward Newport because we thought there was a Ross (Dress for Less) where we could return something and we could check out the mansions. It started raining as soon as we left and just got nastier and nastier all day. The drive to Newport passed through some quaint little towns and it was a nice drive, even if it was raining buckets.

There was no Ross (Dress for Less) in Middletown like Google Maps had lead me to believe, so we continued on to Newport. There was a lot of traffic in downtown, but we worked our way through and drove past the mansions to Ocean Avenue. We got a few views of the ocean and the Cliff walk was closed for repairs so we couldn't have walked it even if it was sunny! We passed through Brenton Point State Park and went to Fort Adams State park. We got out at Ft. Adams to check out the visitor center and it was so windy and cold. It was just miserable.


After Ft. Adams we started back to the Walmart. We stopped for an early dinner at Warf Tavern in Warren! We all had yummy fish and tasty veggies! Back at the Walmart we are watching Jeopardy! and listening to the rain pour down! The storm should be moving off overnight and tomorrow promises to be sunny and cooler!


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