Thursday, July 31, 2014

Catoctin Mountain Park

My last morning on the road was bittersweet! I have a lot of projects and things I want to do at home, but it was so nice living in my van! The month had gone by so fast, it was hard to believe it was over and time to be home. I enjoyed my coffee and my book and the cool, almost chilly, morning!

Around 9 I headed down the hill to take a quick hike in Catoctin Mountain Park which is adjacent to Cunningham Falls. The hill was significant, I was in first gear! I haven't put the van in first gear since Trail Ridge Road!

I was able to pick up a trail map at the Visitor Center and although there weren't any mileages on it I could get a sense of how far the trails were. I decided to hike to a place where I could see Cunningham Falls. It was about 3 miles round trip, so perfect for a short hike before I drove home!

I left the park a little before 11, stopped for a quick snack in Leesburg and got home a little after 1! No traffic or other delays!

Getting home is always a bit overwhelming! I see all the mess and projects I need to do at home and then I haul everything in from the RV and further trash the house! It only took about an hour to unload, start the laundry, and clean the RV a bit. I took the RV back to Holly Acres and dumped and put it away. I was very happy to drive my Subaru again! It greeted me with new car smell! :-) I love my van but I have missed driving my Subaru! When I gift home I got the mail - the old mail that has been sitting in my mailbox for a few weeks, and there are several things I need to deal with. I got an early dinner and started working on my blog. I mostly have the posts from the trip all cleaned up and edited!

So, that's it for this summers big trip! Hopefully I'll have another shorter trip in a few weeks when I'm dog sitting and Selena and I go camping!

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