Thursday, July 3, 2014

Burlingame State Park

We finally made it to Rhode Island!!!!

We left the Wal-Mart around 9 and drove the remaining 80 miles to Burlingame State Park near Charlestown, RI. As we were preparing to leave Dad tried to pull the slides in and they wouldn't go in. He can't drive with the slides out, so this had the potential to be a big problem. He was able to get them in on the second try. He'd also discovered that the bedroom slide out had leaked during last night's rain and he needed to figure out why. It was his day for RV troubles!

When we arrived at the campground Dad began taking apart the slide out mechanism to see what parts he might need, since tomorrow is a holiday we'd need to pick up any needed parts today.

It was almost 1:00 before we headed out to Charlestown Famous Pizza for lunch. We had a Vicky's Veggie and it was very good! :-) After lunch we commenced our tour of boring places in South Kingston, RI. First up was that Napa Auto Parts store. Mom and I found an outdoor clothing store that was interesting, but we had to leave in a hurry when Dad was sent to a local garage to see if they had the part he needed. We met an interesting man who looked at the part Dad had and gave him some advice, but he did not have the part. He sent us to a third auto parts store in downtown South Kingston. There were some neat shops in South Kingston - a boutique, an ice cream store and a food co-op, so that was fun! On the way back to the campground Dad remembered that he needed some materials to fix the leaky slide out and we had to detour to another hardware store in Charleston.

When we got back to the campground Dad got busy on his projects and I went for a bike ride in the campground. This campground is huge! Over 700 sites! I was able to get in a good bike ride and explore all the loops and camping areas.

My one big activity that I'd planned to do in Rhode Island, and had been planning for months, is to ride the East Bay Bike path from Bristol to Providence and back. We had planned to do this tomorrow. At lunch they had the weather channel on and we saw the local on the 8s forecast for Providence for tomorrow: heavy rain. All day. WHAT!?!?? I think it is Hurricane Arthur making his way north. Saturday promises to be beautiful. The campground is full tomorrow night so we will head out (remember, we were supposed to arrive last night), probably to Wal-Mart near Providence and find something to do tomorrow, Newport maybe?, then ride bikes on Saturday. Luckily we do not have reservations anywhere else - in fact we are trying to get into a campground that doesn't take reservations in Bar Harbor and arriving on Sunday might be better.


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