Thursday, July 17, 2014

Art & Charlotte

It was finally sunny and today we were heading out to North Conway to our new campground and to spend the day with some of Mom and Dad's friends from FL who have a cabin on Lake Ossippee.

I had plenty of chores to do before we left Timberland in Gorham - clean the excessive amount of bird poop off the windshield, dump the tanks, unplug, take the trash. Mom was busy making a pecan pie for Art! As soon as our chores were done we headed down the road!

It was only about 50 miles to North Conway, but the road went through Pinkham Notch and past Mt. Washington so it was a nice drive!

As soon as I got into North Conway I noticed that it was very touristy! Much more so than Gorham! And with touristy stuff comes tourists! There was a ton of traffic heading out of town, I figured that was a daily thing. Ugh. They do have a bunch of cute stores and an LLBean Outlet to check out!

We got checked into our site at The Beach Area Camping Area. It seems like a nice place, however all the sites are packed dirt so it's not very attractive. As soon as we got parked and hooked up we changed into our nice clothes and headed out to Art & Charlotte's lake house.

Art & Charlotte have a lovely house right on the lake! They have done a lot of work to fix it up and make it just right! We had an awesome lunch of lobster rolls (Charlotte makes a mean lobster roll, she treated us to them two years ago when we saw them when we passed through Yarmouth), fresh cucumber, fresh blubeerries and other yummy things! After lunch was of course my Mom's yummy pecan pie!

We spent the afternoon enjoying the view, the lake breeze and chatting! Even though they are Mom and Dad's friends from Floridia I enjoyed being with them and chatting! Soon, it was time for dinner! Charlotte had made a reservation at Krista's in Cornish, ME which was only about 30 minutes away. Krista's is a neat place, it's in an old house and it has a neat porch with about 4 tables on it! Our reservation was for the porch and it was neat to sit out there and enjoy the stream (even though it was extra noisy because of the recent heavy rains) while we ate! The food was very good! They had a lot of fish and fresh veggies and other yummy stuff!

After dinner it was back to the lake house for more pecan pie, sunset viewing, and chatting. Soon the sun was gone and it was time for us to head back to the campground!


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