Sunday, July 12, 2015


This morning we took the Jerp and headed north to Astoria - starting tomorrow we'll be driving south along the coast.

Our first stop of the day was Fort Clatsop, where Lewis & Clark and the rest of the Corps of Discovery spent the winter preparing for the long journey back to St. Louis. We learned a lot about the journey and the living conditions at the fort that winter. The fort was up in a Sitka Spruce grove and away from the ocean!

Next up was the city of Astoria! When we got there we went directly to the Goonies house, which is also right next to Astor Elementary School, which was in Kindergarten Cop! The house two doors down from the Goonie House (On the same private driveway, but with a better view!) was for sale and I briefly entertained visions of living right next to the Goonie House and teaching at the school!

After the tourist stops we headed into Astoria for lunch at the Wet Dog Brewery. It was yummy, even if the service was slow! On our way into town we'd seen the Astoria Sunday Market so we decided to check it out. They had more farmer stands than arts and crafts! Packers, the fruit farm/stand we'd visited in Hood River had a big stall and we got to sample more of their cookies!

Next up was the Astoria Column - it's high on a hill and you can climb up and get views! It also has engravings with the story of Astoria. Sounded like a fun place. Only it's closed to renovation. And they have it wrapped in plastic or something so you can't even look at it. The view was awesome in all directions!

After a quick stop at the column we headed across the Astoria Bridge into Washington to visit Cape Disapointment. This State Park had two lighthouses, a bunch of hiking and biking trails and a Lewis & Clark Musuem. We visited one of the lighthouses and hiked to an overlook. It was starting to get late and we didn't check anything else out.

Despite it being late we did stop at Ft. Steven's State Park, back in Oregon. This is a very nice park! The beach area is huge! And flat! And sandy! No rocks at all! There was a shipwreck which was very cool! Also a place where you can drive on the beach. We walked a ways up the beach and then back to the jeep. The park also had a freshwater lake where you could go boating. Next time this would be a great place to stay!

By now it was almost 7 and we had to get back to fix dinner! Hopefully the next few days having both the RVs with us will make it easier to get dinner and keep moving!



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