Friday, July 10, 2015

More Portland, More Friends

We had a lazy morning at the Home Depot parking lot! Finished one book and started another! Around mid-morning we went to Fred Meyers to stock up on all the essentials for our trip down the coast! Fred Meyers is a nice store and they have all the brands and products I'm accustomed to (except Wegmans brand of course!), even found some new products to try! They also have lots of non-food items - clothing, hardware, toys, office supplies - it's like a Super Target or a Meijer.

After we came back and had lunch it was time to go meet my best friend since before Kindergarten, Emily, and her two kids at Washington Park. We'd seen Emily four years ago when we were touring Washington and her oldest child was just a baby, now Lila is heading to Kindergarten in the Fall and Davis is three! We met at the playground and let the kids play while Emily and I caught up! Mom and Dad ended up relegated to a bench with their iPhones and iPads while Emily and I kept an eye on the kids.

After the kids had plenty of time to run and play we walked over to the rose garden. Portland is known as the City of Roses and it was fun to see all the roses in the park! Emily, Dad and I took the kids down into the amphitheater and let them run around while mom took pictures of the flowers.

By now it was getting close to dinner time so we decided to head into town to a Beau Thai! We got some great Thai food, followed by a visit to another Portland Original - Salt & Straw Ice Cream! Salt & Straw is to ice cream what Voodoo Doughnuts are to doughnuts! They had some weird flavors - Olive Oil, Pear and Bleu Cheese - but also some really good flavors - salted caramel, almond brittle ganache, wild strawberry and roasted white chocolate to name the ones we tried! It was very good and if I'm going to wait in line in Portland for a treat it's going to be ice cream from the Salt & Straw rather than a Voodoo Doughnut!

After ice cream the kids were just worn out and it was time to part ways! It was so good to see Emily and get to know her wonderful kids!


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