Sunday, July 5, 2015


The fireworks that were nice to watch at 9:00 last night were not so nice when they were still being launched at 2am. Ugh. It did cool off and we had a nice breeze!

We left Post Falls around 8am for the 300 mile drive to Cascade Locks, OR. We drove across eastern Washington, which is mostly empty farm country! A lot like Montana. About 100 miles of the drive was a long the Columbia River! It wasn't what I expected, but it was nice! The Columbia River is bordered on both sides by dry, barren hills! It looks a lot like central California. There are even windmill farms on the tops of many of the hills.

It was hot hot hot all day long! The Pacific Northwest is in a huge heat wave and it's not supposed to be below 90 all week! Ugh. At least it seems to be cooling off at night.

It was good to finally be in Oregon after driving 3000 miles! However, the bridge I came across didn't even have a sign welcoming me to Oregon or even marking that I'd crossed a state line! Oh well!

We are camping at Ainsworth State Park in the Columbia River Gorge. It's a nice area and not nearly as developed as I expected! I figured there'd be all kinds of tourist stuff, but there's not! There are a bunch of waterfalls right by our campground, those area are very developed and when we went to see Multnomah Falls this evening there were a lot of people there! (See Tuesday's post about our hike for pictures.)


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