Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hikes in Lassen

Dad really wanted to hike up to the top of Lassen Peak. I did not. It was all exposed, rocky, sandy, path, and it was 2.5 miles up with 2000 ft of elevation change. It didn't look like fun to me at all. But, Dad was really excited about it, so he was going to go. I decided I'd hike to a waterfall that was a three mile round trip from the campground. This was a first, we've never split up and hiked our own hikes before. I kinda liked it. I like hiking with Dad and travel with the, however after several weeks of constant togetherness a little apart time is good and it's hard to get because we all want to do the same things.

I enjoyed my hike out to Mill Creek Falls. The trail was rolling with great views of the surrounding mountains and forested. I ran into one person, and that was on my way back. The falls were pretty cool and they were at the head of deep canyon! I enjoyed walking in the cool of the morning!

View along the trail

Mill Creek Falls

When I got back I got a shower and met Mom over at the visitor center. We checked out the gift shop, watched the very informative movie, and checked out the exhibits in the Visitor Center. We learned a lot about volcanos and that Lassen is one of the only places on earth that has all four types: cylinder cone, plug dome, composite, and shield.

After we finished at the visitor center we still had about an hour until we expected Dad back so we decided to drive up to Sulfer Works since she didn't get to go to Bumpass Hell yesterday and you could see all the same stuff right at Sulfer Works and it was right up the road. We weren't very far up the road when we saw Dad coming down! He'd finished early!

We checked out Sulfer Works and Dad got cleaned up, then we looked at his pictures from the hike! He thought it was fabulous and really had a good time. The pictures were great, but I didn't regret my decision not to hike it!

Then we returned to the visitor center to get lunch in the cafe and let Dad see the movie (Mom and I watched it again!), then we got on the road heading for the Mt. Shasta area.

We stopped at Camping World near Redding and it got to be dinner time by the time we were arriving at the Mt. Shasta KOA. The section of I-5 through the mountains was very stressful, it was all up and down and twisty and the truckers were not nice. Normally I like driving with the truckers, but here they all seemed very aggressive and no matter what I did I was in their way. I just wanted to get to the campground! When I finally pulled in I just wanted to get my site, plug in and eat dinner. Registration went fast because we'd made a reservation and I had a pull through site! What I hadn't anticipated was the "Welcoming Committee"! I was working on hooking up when a lady appeared around the side of my RV telling me how much she loved it and would I show her the inside. I agreed and soon my RV was surrounded by about 10 of her closest friends and relatives all who apparently were wanting to buy a van like mine. One couple was from North Carolina and they were traveling in a Leisure Travel van. The original gal who came over first, was traveling in a Coach House van - she was from CA. Almost as soon as they'd come up, thru dispersed and I was able to continue hooking up and got dinner!



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