Saturday, July 11, 2015

Ecola State Park

It was under 100 miles to get out to the coast but we had to go up and over the Coast Range mountains! We climbed over 1000 feet, then came back down to sea level! It was a nice drive! It had been cloudy in Portland, and it started to rain over the mountains and by the time I was one US101 in Seaside, OR it was cloudy, rainy, and in the low 60s! Not the best weather, but I found it refreshing! I'd always rather be cold than hot and this type of weather is why I came Oregon! After last weeks heat wave I could appreciate the cool dampness even more!

As I came up 101 I saw the campground just as I drove past it, so I had to turn around. I went up a ways and went to turn left, when I did I noticed that I was headed to a State Park so I kept going to check it out, soon I realized the road I was on lead right onto the beach! I'd officially gone as far west as I could (without going to Alaska!)


After we got settled in at the campground we headed back out 101 to Cannon Beach and Ecola State Park. Ecola State Park is the home of Haystack Rock, which was featured in The Goonies. I hope I'm not giving away and spoilers but, at the end of the movie the pirate ship comes out of the grotto and sails past Haystack Rock.

Our first stop in the park was Indian Beach, right under Tillamonk Head! The tide was coming in, we think, but there was plenty of beach to walk and at one end were a bunch of rocks. This would likely be a great spot to check out the tide pools at low tide! We walked all the way out on the rocks and climbed up the highest rock! I did get my feet wet in the ocean - it was cold, but not as cold as it was at Rialta Beach in Washington! Also this beach had more sand, whereas Rialta Beach was more rocky.

The forest leading up to the ocean had huge trees with lots of moss and ferns and tons of Foxgloves! On the way in we even saw an elk grazing!

After our exploration of Indian Beach we went up the Ecola Point. This spot didn't have easy beach access, but it had a great view of Haystack Rock!

Goonies never say die!

On our way back to the campground we took a detour through the town of Cannon Beach! Cute little town, right on the beach! Most streets ended in sand! There were houses that had some awesome views of Haystack Rock!



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